Rentable \ ˈRen-​tə-​bəl \ The Future of Rentals

Today we’re proud to announce that we have a new name: Rentable.

When we adopted ‘ABODO’ as our name in 2013, we were a team of three college grads, hopelessly unaware of what Adobo sauce was, and singularly focused on fixing campus rental search in our hometown of Madison, WI.

Since then, we’ve grown into one of the most trafficked nationwide rental marketplaces in the United States. In fact, more renters will use in the first hour after its launch than used in its entire first year on the web.

Along the way, we also added industry-leading Facebook Marketplace and advertising partnerships and launched cutting-edge leasing tools like our proprietary Facebook Messenger chatbot and market-insights tool ApartmentIQ. 

As a result, we’re now humbled to count property managers managing millions of units in all 50 states as our customers.

To keep up, our team ballooned to 70+ employees all across the country, with plans to double that number next year.

So, we decided it was time for a new name, not only to reflect the transformational growth we’ve experienced as a company, but to mark the beginning of a new chapter in our Rentals 2.0 mission.

The events of 2020 fundamentally have changed nearly every industry, and rentals are no exception. A decade or more of trends toward virtual, online leasing were compressed into months, and vast new opportunities to modernize rentals were unlocked for both renters and property managers alike.

We jumped on this shift to online leasing immediately to help our customers keep their businesses afloat during lockdowns. But, we believe the past few months of change represent just the beginning.

The future of rentals is virtual, and so is ours. Expect to hear more from us about this soon.

Until then, thank you to all of our customers and users that have enabled us to get to this point. And thank you to Google for eventually figuring out we didn’t sell Adobo chicken sauce.