Best Neighborhoods in New York City for Luxury Apartments

New York City is one of the most popular places in the world. Although many people in the media are proclaiming that New York City is dead, as we knew it in the past, a lot of people would disagree in a major way. We know this is a hugely controversial topic, as many major cities are feeling the rental market heat due to COVID-19. 

Empire State Building

That said, New York City is still home to some of the most famous sports teams (New York Yankees, New York Knicks), famous celebrities (Alicia Keys, Sylvester Stallone), and one of the most famous airports (The JFK International Airport).

As you can imagine, a lot of people visit the city on a daily basis. Some come and go, others come to stay.

If you’re looking for NYC luxury apartments in a lovely neighborhood but don’t know where to look, then keep reading, as we will be listing out 5 best neighborhoods to rent luxury apartments in NYC.

Uptown, Manhattan

If you’re trying to avoid Midtown’s daily hustle and bustle, then Uptown is a great option to rent a luxury apartment.

New York Central Park

It boasts of a rich arts culture, as you can find lots of art galleries and museums there. You will also be privileged to be close to one of the most famous playgrounds in the world – Central Park.

Uptown Manhattan is located right above 59th street, and below the 69th.

As you would expect, rental prices have gone up, all thanks to the ever-increasing demand for luxury spaces. But, in the current climate, prices have fallen dramatically due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. 

According to recent statistics, the Upper East Side of Manhattan has some of the world’s most expensive properties. It is a peaceful and beautiful neighborhood, and if you’re a big fan of art, then you should consider moving down here.

Uptown Manhattan is mainly a residential area, still, you can find other gems there. These include the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, The Beacon Theatre, and The American Museum of Natural History.

This beautiful neighborhood boasts of lush green gardens, churches that are hundreds of years old, and a good taste for art.

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Over the years, Cobble Hill has taken the number one spot from Dumbo as the most expensive area to live in Brooklyn. You can credit one luxury apartment building in the area for this – The Cobble Hill House located on Amity Street.

Manhattan bridge

This lovely neighborhood has witnessed more than a 100% increase in property sales prices, making it the most expensive place to buy or rent in Brooklyn.

In earlier times, Cobble Hill was regarded as a part of South Brooklyn.

The name “Cobble Hill” was adopted in 1959. Since then, it has taken its place as one of the finest Brooklyn neighborhoods, boasting of some of the best, exquisitely finished luxury apartments you can find in NYC.

Here you can also find a lovely collection of 19th-century buildings, and this should come as no surprise.

Huguenot, Staten Island

If you’re looking for a neighborhood in New York with a low population density, then you should consider the ones in Staten Island. Here you can be away from the high-energy way of life New York has become popular for.

One of such peaceful neighborhoods is Huguenot. Experiencing bad traffic is quite common in NYC, but not here. 

This neighborhood isn’t popular for having too many businesses, because they aren’t that much. Rather, it is popular for its high number of residential homes and a decent number of luxury apartments.

Now you can understand why there are very few traffic problems here.

Besides free-flowing traffic, Huguenot also offers residents easy access to beautiful beaches and the South shore country club. This is because it is located at Staten Island’s South Shore.

There are lovely luxury apartments for rent along the golf course. You could also purchase a home there too.

The quietness and feeling of safety around Huguenot make it a perfect environment for peace-loving individuals. It is also ideal for those with families or retirees.

It is easy to move around here. If you don’t care much for the stress associated with driving, then you can simply take a taxi or just head to the Huguenot station and hop on the train.

SoHo, Manhattan

One of the most exquisite neighborhoods you can rent a luxury apartment in NYC is SoHo. It is known for its flamboyant coffee shops, hangout spots, and some of the most expensive residential real estate in NYC as a whole.

It may interest you to know that most of the apartment buildings around SoHo today were former warehouses that were built in the 19th century. This is what gives SoHo its very unique appeal.

These new and beautiful apartments have attracted many celebrities, including Jonah Hill, Tyra Banks, and Kelly Ripa. 

Thanks to its larger and older structures, SoHo boasts of several oversized penthouses. Some of these are located around the historic Puck Building, whose prices have skyrocketed to as high as $28 Million. 

Tribeca, Manhattan

Tribeca is a lovely neighborhood that has the same kind of glitz as SoHo. It is also home to more celebrities per capita than any other neighborhood in New York.

parked cars near buildings beside road

Such celebrities include Jon Stewart and Meryl Streep. These celebrities can also be seen visiting the exquisite restaurants and coffee shops along the streets.

Just like SoHo, Many of the luxury apartments in Tribeca were formerly warehouses, converted into large lofts with high ceilings, large windows, and world-class finishing.

Don’t be surprised if you find a former olive oil and feta factory being sold for as high as $5.42 million.

The south of Tribeca boasts of many luxury high-rises, which offers residents and lessees with expensive, but mind-blowing views of the New York City Harbor.

On average, the sale price for a home in Tribeca is around $2.8 million. It may be a pricey place to live, but I think we can all understand why. Beautiful homes, lovely sights to see, and a general atmosphere of peace are all responsible for the high cost of residential rental in Tribeca.

What’s Next?

There you have it, the 5 best neighborhoods to rent luxury apartments in NYC.

If you’re ever looking to rent one in the famous, fast-paced city of NYC, then consider the neighborhoods listed in this article.