Smart Ways to Fill Your Rental with Natural Light

Unless you’re planning a bigger renovation project, there isn’t much you can do to increase the amount of natural light coming into your rental. However, if you’re not satisfied with your current state and you feel natural light in this space is low, there are still convenient things you can do to maximize what you already have.

Clear the space around the windows

Regardless of the number of windows you have in your rental, you can enhance their capacity by opening them to the rooms. Before you do anything else, make sure the room layout and furniture position are such that allow light to enter as much and as deep as possible. This means that windows should be visible from any point in the room.

When it comes to furniture position, move any large or bulky pieces away from the windows into the darker side of the room so they don’t block the light coming in through the windows. Also, use smaller potted plants on your windowsills. 

The less shadow your furniture creates, the more light you’ll have, so floating shelves and glass cabinets are a great choice. In addition, a nifty trick you can use is to pick chairs and tables with narrow legs to produce sleeker and thinner lines and allow more light to pass through them.

Use mirrors strategically

Mirrors and various reflective surfaces can double and sometimes triple the reach and effect of natural light in the room. If you hang your mirrors in strategic positions, you can disperse light even to the darkest corners. Additionally, try to put all reflective glass and shiny metal items in west and east facing walls as the sun will hit them each for half the day. You can track where the sunbeams move in your home so you can position reflective surfaces in those pathways to catch all the light you can. 

Go for light window treatments

Sometimes the primary issue isn’t with the lack of natural light but more with having too much of it, especially in midday. If you have east or west-facing windows, you’ll probably have a blinding amount of sunlight in the morning and evening, and not enough of it the rest of the day. Using window treatments such as modern roller blinds can help you block light during the brightest hours and bring it in again later in the day. When you pick your window treatments, go for softer colors so the room is still visually brighter.

Go with a lighter color scheme too

Similarly, go with a lighter color palette when decorating your home and buying furniture. Light colors reflect natural light whereas darker ones absorb it and make the rooms appear gloomy.

Most people are unaware the floors too receive a lot of light, so pay attention to rugs you choose. Designers advise installing lighter flooring to make the space appear bigger, but if you prefer dark floors, a white, beige or light grey rug can still brighten up your room.

Remove doors if necessary

If you own your house or an apartment, you might also consider doing some remodeling in order to maximize the amount of light you get. For instance, removing or replacing several doors can have quite a luminous effect as they either cast a shadow or block light completely when closed. 

If you never close off certain rooms, removing them and creating a larger case opening is the best solution. And, if you still need some sort of closure, consider going with glass French doors that will ensure a certain amount of privacy without blocking any light.

Clean your windows regularly

Most frequently, the simplest solutions prove to be the best ones, so keeping your rental decluttered and windows clean. Similar to car headlights, windows also accumulate a lot of dust and dirt and the layer they form can decrease the amount of light that comes in. To ensure you get all the natural light you can, clean your windows once or twice a month. 

Natural light is essential for healthy living and can become a powerful design tool that will transform your rental. In an instant, a dreary and gloomy room becomes bright, appealing and pleasant and sufficient natural lighting can enhance the positive atmosphere, lift up the spirits and make the life of your tenants better and healthier. They will certainly know how to appreciate it.