10 Ways to Make Your Rented House Feel Like a Home

Renting a home is often the best option financially for many people, and while it is a great way to secure your own home, it can come with its limitations. Some rentals don’t allow you to paint, have pets, hang up pictures, etc. and these restrictions can make your rented property feel a little empty and not homely. 

But, not to fear, because we are here to provide you with many tricks and tips on how to make your rental feel like your home! 

Optimize Your Space with Freestanding Storage 

With most rental properties, you aren’t allowed to attach anything to the wall, which can make a room feel a little neglected or empty. So, by using freestanding storage, you can decorate your home however you wish, without making any holes in the walls! 

Decorate a shelving unit with family photos, plants, keepsakes, flowerpots, and more to create a little spot that is special to you! 

book filled wooden cabinet

Plants, Plants and More Plants!

Plants and flowers are a quick and easy way to make a house feel more homely and lived in. By adding character to the house, greenery can bring personality and style, and you can even have flowers delivered overnight.

If you find yourself with minimal space, the hot new trend is hanging plants, so why not dot some around the house and bring the outdoors inside? 

For more information on which plants to use in your home, check out our handy guide!

Use Colourful Soft Furnishings 

As you are often told not to paint the walls, a rental property can sometimes feel a little bare. By incorporating color through the soft furnishings, you can brighten up the space and bring some life into the room. Using colorful scatter cushions on the sofa, bright fluffy blankets on your bed, and a statement bathmat in your bathroom can instantly make the property feel more lived in. 

You could choose a color scheme for each room in the house to create variety, or you could opt for similar tones throughout to give a continuous theme. As a guide, here is a simple explanation of what feeling each color provides:


Fun and energetic, orange is a great color to incorporate in a child’s room! The color also symbolizes courage and hospitality, so it could also work well in the dining or living room. 

yellow sofa near wall


Creating a spa-like atmosphere, blue is known for peace and serenity as it is a very soothing color. Adding a pop of blue in the bedroom or living room can turn the space into a relaxing haven.  


Oozing warmth, yellow is the perfect color for the kitchen or dining room, as these are the rooms you most commonly host in. A room that features yellow tones can feel friendly, airy, and cheerful. 


Symbolizing hope, luck and nature, green is a great color for a home study or the living room as it is both calming and energizing. The cool tones blend beautifully with lighter colors as well, so if your rental is predominately painted white, it could be the perfect match! 

green fabric sofa


Known for passion, strength and passion, red is a bold color that can excite. Both warm and inviting, the energetic color can work well in the bedroom, but try not to over-do it as it can become over-stimulating. 


As the color of wisdom, black is commonly used in interior design because it is simple, understated, and blends well with all color schemes. Black is timeless and elegant, so it can be used beautifully throughout the home.


If you are looking to make a room feel more open, airy, and bright, white is your best option. The clean and crisp color is often used in small spaces, such as the bathroom, to make it feel and appear bigger. 

Be Bold with Rugs 

When choosing a rug, don’t be shy. Bold patterns and color can bring personality and character to the room. Whether you have carpeted floors or some laminate, adding a rug to your property can make it feel more cozy, homely and snug. Similarly, adding a statement armchair or recliner on top off your chic rug will really set the look off; nowadays you can even get your chairs customized to your preferences, whether that’s a recliner for those with long legs, or an armchair in the same pattern or fabric as your cushions.

If you dislike the current flooring, then opt for an extra-large rug that covers the majority of the space. Alternatively, if you don’t mind the flooring, just adding a little fluffy rug can make the room feel more put together. Perhaps you consider gather inspiration from a novel like the Bayeux Tapestry. You never know what type of inspiration will come to you!

person standing at kitchen

Decorate with Wall Stickers 

The internet is full of beautiful wall sticker designs, so why not decorate your walls with them? You can peel them off when you move out of the property without leaving a trace! We would recommend going for geometric patterns or circular design to create a simple yet eye-catching focal point. 

Light Up Your Home 

By adding light around the home, you can bring life into the property and make it feel bigger. Whether you choose a freestanding lamp, revamp some old lampshades or replace the blubs, small changes can go a long way. 

Change the Curtains 

Curtains can have a real impact on how the room looks and feels, so if your rental property has some dull and drab ones, switch them out for some colorful or patterned ones! Make a feature of your windows and if you have space on the windowsill, decorate it with some plants, photos frames, and little mementos. 

window curtain open wide

Lean on the Walls

While you are likely unable to drill into the walls, who said anything about leaning items on them? Utilize your wall space and decorate it with large mirrors to open up the space and add a touch of elegance and style. 

Add Plenty of Throws and Cushions 

Decorating your sofas, chairs, and bed with snuggly throws and cushions can take it from drab to fab! By adding different textures to your home, you can add character, depth, and make it look cozier. 

Create A Calming Ambiance with Candles and Fairy Lights

According to our estate agents in Okehampton, “Adding some homey touches can make a house feel like a home, so why not twist some fairy lights around your headboard or curtain pole? The twinkling lights are calming and set a lovely warm hue in the room as the evenings draw in.”

You could also light some candles around the house to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Opt for simple and calming scents with the candles so that they aren’t too overpowering and try to keep the smell relatively consistent throughout the home. 

We hope that these tips and tricks help you to create a more cute and cozy home.