How to Turn Your Room into a Hotel-Like Bedroom

Want to change your rental apartment bedroom into a hotel-like bedroom? We have got you covered.

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One of the best parts of vacationing is spending your carefree days in a luxurious hotel room. Such luxurious hotel suites are filled with all the comfort and clean rooms with 24/7 room service. The best part about these hotel rooms is the comfort they bring. Their bedding and overall environment is so comforting that one could spend hours there easily. And with facilities like these, who wouldn’t want to?

How to Turn Your Room into a Hotel Like Bedroom

There are hardly any things in life that feel as liberating as staying at a 5-star hotel suite. Those luxurious beds always feel as fluffy and soft as a cloud and the sheets feel soft as silk. Also not to forget how spacious the room is, so little furniture yet so cozy and warm. If you love sleeping in these spacious and luxurious hotel rooms, why not turn your bedroom into a hotel-like bedroom with some simple tricks?

And to do that, you don’t even need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars. It’s understandable that not everyone wants to spend a fortune on a rented apartment just to make it feel extra cozy. So there are some simple things you can do to create a luxurious hotel vibe in your apartment bedroom.

And this makeover starts from the pillows!

Use Hotel Quality Down Pillows

The hotels spend a hefty sum of their budget in selecting the best quality pillows and beddings for their customers. The luxury hotel collection pillows like these are the main factor that determines a peaceful night’s sleep at a hotel. Because let’s face it, without a peaceful sleep no one can properly enjoy their vacation.

If you want to bring the same level of comfort to your bedroom, you have to purchase the premium quality down pillows. They are the most famous out of the wide range of pillows, and it’s mainly due to their exclusive nature.

These super comfortable down pillows are made from the soft feathers of ducks or geese and could give life to any ordinary bedroom. They are soft and fluffy and have a long life span. You’ll find these pillows in popular 5-star hotels like Marriott and Hilton.

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Upgrade Your Mattress

Once you’re done with pillows, change your mattress and replace it with a high-quality one while staying within budget. It’s time to say goodbye to your good old mattress with springs and bumps. Your new mattress better be much bigger and thicker in size!

Mattresses used in 5-star hotels are either king-size or queen size and they have quite some loft. Besides changing the mattress, make sure to use some mattress pads for added comfort.

We would suggest opting for an organic mattress to get all the comfort you need after a long hectic day.

Refresh Bed Linens

The best part about the hotel suits are their king size comfortable beds. So if you want to recreate the hotel suite experience in your bedroom, a small bed makeover is kind of essential. According to the interior architect Jon de la Cruz, one should begin with a fresh set of sheets that are crisp and pressed.

De la Cruz prefers a high-quality fabric for the sheets which you can spray with some lavender or rose essential oils to add a luxurious vibe. You can make this spray at home with some vodka, water and essential oils. With the combination of fresh linen and soothing spray, you just got yourself a hotel-like bedroom experience.


Since you’re planning to just redecorate instead of a complete makeover in your bedroom, take all the beautiful accessories that are already present and accentuate them, says interior designer Pilar Profitt. Anything that’s beautiful about the space in your room, highlight it and spruce it up! 

For example, instead of raising the floors in your bedroom like other hotel suites, you can choose to highlight this novel detail by including steps and seats underneath the windows, thereby making beautiful perches with a gorgeous view outside to look at. Locate such details in your own bedroom and make them shine!

Minimal Lighting

Hotel suites have loads of lighting options, which make up a relaxing mood for dressing up early in the day, reading a good piece, or working at a nearby table. You can create a similar hotel room vibe in your own bedroom by changing the lighting. When you are in your room, which light do you use the most? Probably the one that lights up the room brightly. 

You might have seen that hotel rooms have minimal lighting to increase the coziness in the room. Use this similar strategy for your bedroom and turn it into a hotel-like bedroom. Change the lights that you use regularly and replace them with dim lights. It will give your room a cozy and romantic vibe.

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Add Fresh Flowers

According to the interior designer de la Cruz, the best and cheapest way to turn your bedroom into a luxury suite is by adding fresh flowers. Nothing beats the scent and aura of fresh flowers. They are the beauty and center of attention of luxury suites. 

Some might say that the maintenance of fresh flowers is quite a task as they require a lot of care. But you can add a few in your bedroom only and change them regularly – your bedroom will give out fresh vibes.

You don’t even have to spend dollars on purchasing a costly bouquet. The simpler the bouquet, the better. Always remember, less is more. Choose one bouquet that is easily available in the current season and then spray it regularly to kill all the bacteria. Avoid heavily pollinated flowers and pick the ones with a gentle scent that won’t be too prominent in the room.

Minimal Seating Area

Most hotel suites have a minimal seating area to avoid clutter. They either have a couple of armchairs or a two-seater sofa. This seating arrangement will avoid clutter and will also help if you ever need to sit and read a book. Most people prefer to keep the chairs by the window so they can catch a nice outside view. 

On the other hand, you could also add a work desk or dressing table just like the ones in those in the luxury suites. This won’t cost you too much and you’ll achieve your goal with a minimum budget.

Choose Pastel Colors for Your Bedroom

Picking the correct paint color is significant for each room in the house. But when you are trying to create a hotel-like bedroom, choosing the right color palette is extremely important. 

In order to replicate the hotel suites, a pastel color palette is all that you need –  preferably blues and whites. This color palette is not just restricted to the walls, but also for the tapestries and sheets to create a soothing and comfortable atmosphere. The room will also feel more spacious by adding pastel colors.

Whenever you get a chance to visit a 5-star hotel suite, focus on all the details that appeal to you, and think of creative ways to incorporate them into your bedroom.