4 Tips for How to Look the Part When Starting a Job in a New City

There are some experiences in life that are nerve-racking even for the usually calm and collected. Right up there with giving a speech and proposing is starting a new job. It’s extra stressful when you’re starting new in an entirely new city. One thing you can do to ensure you set the right impression from the get-go is to look the part.

You’ll want to look professional, have your materials like business cards ready, be respectable, and get ready for business. But how exactly do you convey this simply by the threads you wear? Follow our 4 tips below and you’ll be more than ready to walk through the doors of your new job looking smart. 

1. Update Your Wardrobe

One of the most obvious ways to look the part is getting your wardrobe in order. What’s not so obvious is how to do so. Workopolis recommends a number of do’s and don’ts. For example, they recommend men to at least wear a tailored dress shirt and pants. Meanwhile, they recommend women to abide by the rule of thumb to always look understated and professional.

Of course, buying a work wardrobe can be difficult if you’re on a tight budget. Don’t feel like you need to spend a lot to look great. You can always buy a few key pieces you know you will get regular use from and mix them with the pieces you already own. If you need to do an overhaul but don’t have a big budget, look for sales in-store and online. You may also be able to find some great pieces in second-hand stores (sometimes you may be lucky and find new ones even with the tag still on them!).

2. Make Sure Your Shoes Are Up to Scratch 

It’s not all about your clothes though. You will also need to ensure your shoes look professional too. Like your clothes, the type of shoes you can wear will depend on your office environment. Unless your workplace is very casual, stay away from tennis shoes or flip flops. For women, the safest bets will be ballet flats or heels. For men, oxfords or boat shoes will help you look the part. 

It’s also vital that your shoes are presentable. That means giving them a good shine and staying away from any that look too tattered. That way you can start off on the right foot—literally!

3. Get Your Hair in Order

Once you have your outfit sorted, you’ll have to make sure your hair looks neat and stylish. 

For men, you’ll likely need to give your hair a trim. The style is up to you, but just make sure that it’s neat and professional. You can even trim your hair at home using a pair of trusty hair clippers. Owning your own pair will not only save you a ton of money, but it will also save you substantial time. If you’ve never cut your own hair, it’s not as complicated as you may think. Plus, there are many videos online, such as this one, so you can become a pro at it in no time.

While women have many more hair options, for your first day it’s also wise to go for a neat and professional look. A ponytail, bun, or pinning your hair back are some great options. The Trend Spotter gives a range of stylish looks to experiment with if you’re in need of some inspiration!

4. Perfume and Cologne

Given that you technically “wear” perfume and cologne, we have a final tip for you to keep in mind. Perfume and cologne may seem like a nice, subtle touch to keep smelling fresh, but it may be safer to steer clear of using it—at least at first. 

The reason being that perfume and cologne isn’t always to everyone’s liking. What makes a nice scent is incredibly subjective, meaning that your favorite pick may just be someone else’s least. What’s more, some people are very sensitive to perfume and cologne, and may not feel comfortable needing to smell it. In the interest of avoiding an awkward situation, it’s safest to save it for after work or weekends.