3 Secrets For A Less Stressful Student Move

Moving is always a stressful experience – especially when it comes to a major life change, such as moving into your college dorm where you’ll start to accumulate debt through the best private student loans. Life is now a little different than when you attended private school back home, and on top of any jitters about leaving home, making new friends, and picking a major, you also have to figure out how in the world to fit your clothes steamer, wardrobe and books into a 17-by-11 foot space. Given the size of the typical accommodations you will find on campus, it can be a daunting task to pack everything you will need for a semester away from home.

The help of a professional mover for student moves can ease your mind in the process, planning and execution of moving day. However, if you’re doing it all alone, or soliciting help, keep in mind a few extra tips to help minimize your stress on Move-In Day.

Do You Really Need ALL That Stuff?

Unless you’re the lucky exception living in a palatial dorm or you’ve landed some sweet digs in off-campus housing, space will likely be at an extreme premium. Resist the temptation to move your entire childhood bedroom along with you to school.

College is often seen as a chance to reboot your identity and start fresh – why not start off by minimizing how much baggage from your old life you bring along?

Make a thorough list and think through the practicalities of what you’re bringing with you to campus. There is no need to pack everything all at once. If you’re fortunate enough to be enrolling at the University of Hawaii next semester, do yourself a favor and leave your heavy parka at home. If you’ve enrolled on a meal plan, you can probably take it easy on the culinary supplies. And keep in mind that you can always pick up additional supplies at stores near campus as the semester goes on.

Reach Out To Your Roommate

Those first interactions with a new roommate – or roommates – can always be a bit awkward, as you gauge how well you will be able to live with each other. Are you both night owls, or is one of you an early riser? Do you have the same taste in music? And maybe most importantly, do you both need to bring along your own mini-fridge?

You can make planning for your move go much more smoothly if you reach out to your roommate in advance. Not only can you begin to break the ice before you arrive at campus, but you can arrive at a mutual decision on who might bring certain provisions to the room – after all, there likely won’t be a need for two televisions in a small space.

You can also coordinate moving times with your roommate to minimize too much chaos in the room at the same time. If your university doesn’t provide your future roommate’s contact information, it is easier than ever to track them down via Facebook or Instagram.

Ask For Help!

You can reduce your stress through the moving period by making sure that you have help. Even having one or two loved ones helping you to move in can make a big difference, especially if you are able to make arrangements to move in early or with an express check-in option that your dormitory may offer.

If some friends and family won’t be enough to help you move in easily, consider hiring professional movers. They will gladly reduce the obstacles in your way and extensive knowledge of how to efficiently set up your new pad for success.

You are on the cusp of an exciting new period in your life – it can be natural to be a bit apprehensive. But with some careful planning, you can ensure that your move-in goes smoothly and kick off your semester on the right foot.