7 Ways To Make Your Apartment Homier

There’s nothing better than opening your front door and immediately feeling like you’re at home. But when you first move into a new apartment there’s always that awkward transition between feeling like you’re living in someone else’s space and really feeling at home. So how do you bridge that gap and go straight to a homey space you can call your own? Well, our friends from mortgages.com recently shared some great tips. Check them out below!

Add Some Color

The right color can set the mood for your entire room. In fact, there’s a whole area of study dedicated to color psychology and how each color makes us feel. Interior designers use these insights to choose colors to make us more relaxed, more productive, or more energized. Try decorating with cooler or neutral colors, like blues, greens, and grays, to create a sense of calm.

We know that painting might not be an option for everyone, but there are other ways to bring color into your living space. Spruce up your seating areas with colorful pillows or throw blankets (plus what’s cozier than a soft, warm couch to sit on?).

Let In The Light

The right amount of natural light can have a huge impact on the way we feel and think. It makes us happier, helps us sleep better, and even saves money by not using electricity. So, pull back those blinds and let the sun in.

Bring Nature Inside

Being in nature makes us happier. It doesn’t have to be a week at the beach or a weekend camping trip, either. Even just a few minutes enjoying natural surroundings has been shown to have benefits. So, why not bring those elements into your home so you can feel more relaxed and happy all the time? Try keeping a few potted plants around the house or on your balcony. Some great, low-maintenance options are:

  • Succulents
  • Spider plants
  • Pothos
  • Philodendron
  • Snake plants

If you’re notorious for killing even the lowest maintenance plants, there’s still hope. Remember, nature isn’t only made up of plants. It might be a bowl of seashells from your most recent vacation or a beta fish in your living room. Even a high-quality fake plant can help the space seem a little bit homier.


Remember a few years ago when everyone was obsessed with the Kondo method? You might not have to go that far, but they were definitely on to something with the idea of tidying up. Not everything in your new place has to spark joy, but you should try to get rid of unnecessary piles of papers, mountains of shoes sitting by the front door, and dirty dishes piled up in the sink. Having too much clutter can make your apartment feel stressful and a whole lot smaller. So, take a few minutes every day to tidy up at least one area to help increase your sense of calm and coziness.

Get Some Cozy Furniture

Say goodbye to those cheap, uncomfortable futons or couches you had in college. Your new furniture should be the kind that you want to sink down into after a long day. Or it could be an old, overstuffed leather chair or a midcentury modern couch that makes you smile just looking at it. The point is that your furniture is something that gets an incredible amount of daily use, so you want it to be something that makes you feel comfortable and at home.

Add Some Photos And Art

Using tape to hang posters was fine in college, but now that you’re out on your own it’s time to invest in some frames so you can really display your art and photos. The frames will help make give your home a sense of permanence, too, which makes it easier for you to relax and get comfortable in it. Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your décor.

Create A Welcoming Smell

So much of our memories are tied up in our sense of smell. A cinnamon candle might make you feel like every day is a lazy Sunday morning. A little lavender essential oil in your diffuser might make you feel like your home is a relaxing spa. There’s nothing like walking in the front door and immediately getting that sensory cue that it’s time to relax. So, buy a candle, a diffuser, a plugin, or whatever you need to to get that smell satisfaction.

All it takes is a few small changes and you’ll be feeling right at home in your apartment before you know it.