Five Easy Steps How to Transform Your Apartment

A fairly common problem is when, at first glance, everything is fine your new apartment — the furniture is in place, the color scheme is comfortable, the decor is not annoying, but something is still wrong.

Familiar situation? Most likely, your interior just needs a little update. Instead of rushing to the store for new decor or accessories, let’s try to work with what you already have. Five simple steps, which we will talk about today, will help refresh your interior.

Remove all unnecessary staff 

Before you add something new to the interior, you should take care to remove everything superfluous, everything that distracts attention from the room itself. If your furniture is out of date and in bad condition, dispose of it. The same should be done with decor items that have lost their appeal and other elements that create a mess. Now is the time to remove the dust that has accumulated under the sofa or behind the cupboard and wash the windows. Now, it is time to take a look at what remains in the room. If you have only the right things and are in good condition, you can move on to the next step

Contact Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Look at your carpets and decide whether it has come the time for professional carpet cleaning services! When you enter the room, do you get distracted by the huge coffee stain on your light beige carpet? Is there a specific unpleasant odor in the room? Does the carpet look attractive or quite the opposite – it probably ruins the entire room. Has it lost its beautiful colors long ago? By answering these questions, you can easily come to a conclusion it is high time to contact a professional carpet cleaning company to restore your carpet to a decent condition!

Update existing items

When all the excess is removed, it is time to check at the pieces of furniture that are left. At this stage, you can call friends who love design, or simply take photos of the room and look at them in a new way in an abstract place (for example, in a cafe for a cup of coffee or in nature). This will provide the necessary perspective. The main goal of this step is to find at least one element that can be updated.

A few ideas for example:

  • change the upholstery on a chair or bench;
  • paint the frame at the mirror or photograph;
  • turn a table into a coffee table by shortening its legs;
  • add wheels to a table or ottoman;
  • add a decorative finish to the lampshade for the lamp, curtains or ottoman;
  • Replace handles on cabinets, drawers or kitchen cabinets.

Updating can also mean creating something new, for example, furniture covers, which will make your old furniture look new.

Rearrange the furniture

Now it is time to think about a new arrangement of furniture. If you have painted the walls, then, in any case, you had to move the furniture, so why not use this moment as an opportunity to look at things in a new way. 

If your sofa has always stood against a wall, try expanding it or placing it closer to the center of the room. Alternatively, add a couple of bedside tables with floor lamps on the sides. Move the bed to another wall and change the position of the chairs and the location of the house plants. 

Buy what you are missing

It is important to start this step only after you have completed the previous four. Otherwise, you run the risk of acquiring unnecessary things again. After you have gone through the first four stages of organizing and updating your room, you will have a clear understanding of what exactly your room lacks in order to become an ideal place to live. Pay attention to objects that can catch your attention, such as unusual lamps, vibrant paintings and a new bedspread for the bed.