A Beginner’s Checklist: Moving Into Your First Apartment (2019 Updates)

When you’re moving into your first apartment, as a beginner, it’s too easy to make a classic rookie mistake and think you need a ton of stuff the moment you move in. It’s an overwhelming task to move, so it’s very helpful to have a proper checklist of all the steps you need to take and things you need in order to make the whole process as smooth as possible. 

You will need to juggle many things at once, from packing, decluttering, hiring movers, dealing with the utilities, costs and landlords, so it’s best to be prepared. Getting your first apartment should be a happy and exciting moment so here’s a list of all the necessary steps to cover.

Preparation process

In the weeks preceding your move, you should start the preparation process so you can settle into your new apartment worry-free. Your first step should be setting up a budget and making sure you have every important document in a safe place.

Thumb through your existing lease contract and check if you still have any pending obligations towards your current landlord. Having the right insurance is an essential element of every relocation. Make sure you transfer your renter’s insurance to your new place and insure the relocation itself in case any damage happens in the process.

Moreover, check with your future landlord what type of insurance they have as it can significantly influence your quality of life there.

For instance, Youi home insurance offers a comprehensible option to landlords that covers the rental property against extreme weather conditions but it also protects the furnishings, covers maintenance and many more, which can all work in your favor by securing your stay and making it more comfortable. Lastly, once you have an exact date of your move, hire a reliable moving company, buy packing supplies, declutter and pack all your essentials. Don’t forget to secure your valuables in advance and put them into temporary storage, and pay your overdue bills, if there are any. 

New apartment checklist: the discount section

As you will probably be bringing your most valued possessions with you, with all the expenses you’ll have, it may be wise to purchase many of the things you need in dollar stores, flea markets and vintage shops. If you’re working with a tight budget, this treasure hunt could save you a lot and you can always go to big-box shops to buy the rest. The typical bathroom essentials would include a toothbrush holder, essential toiletries, towels, toilet paper, bath mat, shower curtain, cleaning chemicals and a plunger, whereas for the kitchen, you’ll need dishware, silverware, mugs, glasses, chef and paring knives, cutting boards, measuring cups, cooking utensils, can opener and small appliances such as a toaster, coffee maker and blender. A trip to a vintage shop could result in a great find concerning the bed frame, bedspread, pillows, cushions, hampers and clothes hangers. All the other miscellaneous things such as sponges, aluminum foils, dish soaps, multi-purpose cleaners, brooms and dustpans can be found in almost any local supermarket.

New apartment must-haves: the thrift shop section

Another way to save your money but still be able to furnish your new apartment is to shop at thrift shops and buy used items. If you’re artistic and crafty, you can easily give those items a full makeover and have unique pieces in your home that will give it a ton of charm and character.

For instance, you can mix and match various types of dining table chairs that you can paint and upholster yourself, turn a chest of drawers into a TV stand, use an old armchair with colorful hand-made cushions as your accent piece and even make a DIY coffee table from repurposed materials. 

With a few pieces more, such as an antique chandelier, your framed personal photographs, blankets and throws and maybe some heirloom pieces, you’ll have a modern, eclectic place that looks well put together and can stand the test of time.

New apartment checklist of necessities: the splurge section

As much as it can be tempting to fully decorate your new apartment, try to resist the urge and go on an unnecessary shopping spree. It’s better to leave it for later when you’ve figured out what the best layout and décor style is. After you’ve settled in and recovered from the high cost of moving, you can buy things like area rugs, artwork, mirrors, end tables and other decorative pieces. However, there are a few furniture essentials you need to splurge on that will ensure a high-quality comfort, such as a good mattress for your bedroom and a couch or a sectional for the living space. These items are better if purchased brand new so you can avoid the risks of unwanted pests or damage.

Renting your first apartment is exhilarating but as it’s easy to get carried away, this checklist should help you get organized and make a smooth transition.