5 Ways to Make a DIY Reading Nook

There is just something wonderful about having a space in the house where you can curl up, get absorbed into a great book, and escape from the world. Though you can read anywhere, it feels best when you have your own quiet, atmospheric space where you can just be alone with you and the page. Perhaps this is what makes reading nooks so appealing.

There are millions of DIY book tutorials out there on the web, but most of them are not made with renters in mind. While doing heavy renovations to create a reading nook may be great for an established home-owner, it’s not really possible for those of us who rent our homes. But don’t renters deserve a nice little corner to escape from the world too?

Fortunately, there are a ton of ways for renters to make a perfect little reading or study area. Not only do these methods require less power tools and sweat, but they also won’t break the terms of your lease.

(Quick note: If you do decide to install book shelves or other hardware, consult your landlord, lease, or both before poking any holes in the walls.)

Window Sills are Cozier Than You’d Think
Having a reading area right by a large window is the perfect way to get some great ambient lighting. There are multiple ways to create a book nook by a window without using any hammer and nails.

If you’re lucky enough to be renting an older space, these wide sills on bay windows may be much easier to find. If the sill looks wide enough to sit on, you can easily transform it into a comfortable sitting bench with a few cushions and pillows. You can put a few shelves nearby and a book light if you want to create the full effect.

If there are no wide sills to be found, you can simulate the effect by finding a sturdy table you can push against the window. Just add some cushions and pillows on top, a few neatly stacked books below, and you’ll have yourself the perfect reading sill.

Make the Most of Loft Space
If you have a loft space where you keep your bed, then this can become a 2-in-1 space. Who said your reading space has to have a chair? Many people do their reading right before bed, so really adding shelves into an intimate loft space only makes sense.

Of course, if you have room for your bed elsewhere, you can always turn this loft space into a traditional reading nook with bookshelves and chairs.

Small, Awkward Spaces are Your Friend
Think the person who designed the layout of your house way a little wacky? Have a bizarre corner or awkward space in your home that you’re struggling to use properly? Then you might have the perfect spot.

Instead of constructing an elaborate, closed off space, utilize this awkward little corner of your home to create an intimate hangout and study. No matter what the shape or size, if you add a book shelf, a comfy chair, and a bright light, then you have yourself the perfect place to hide away from the world.

No awkward spaces to work with? If you can do without it, ask your landlord if you can remove the door from a closet and transform it into a book nook. Of course, this requires a few power tools, but if your landlord is nice enough to allow you to do it, then you might want to take advantage of the opportunity.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Chair
Sometimes all it takes to create a fabulous reading space is an incredibly cozy and cushy chair next to some book shelves. If you can find an intimate corner of the living room that can fit some shelves and a light. If that little space is next to a window, then that’s even better!

If shelves aren’t in the cards, then it will be time to get creative. Pull up a tiny coffee table and stack up a few books you’ve wanted to read lately! They make a nice decoration and establish that area as the reading area. You can also add a soft side lamp or even an adjustable standing light. The design options are endless!

Though the corner of a living room may not be the most exclusive or “hidden” space, it is the one of the easiest to build and can be just as warm as other reading corners.

The Floor Works Too
When a chair is out of the budget and the space is just not there, then you can always make use of the floor. Simply find an empty corner and start building.

Your can make this space as simple or elaborate as you want. Perhaps you just want to throw a pile of books and a pillow on the floor and call it a day. But if you want to class it up a little bit, add in a beautiful blanket or cushion, along with a bunch of pillows. You can even add a tiny bookshelf to store the books in or a canopy to close off the space. If you do have an overhanging canopy, you can even put a lantern or Christmas lights inside to add some soft lighting.

Not only is the this the easiest nook to create, but it’s also the cheapest.

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