How to Decorate a Couch with a Quilt or Throw – A Complicated Art Made Simple

Decorating an apartment is a difficult task for many. You can check out beginner’s guides like this one, but you still might run into issues. One major issue that many of us face is how to decorate that old couch. What can you do to spruce it up?

Draping a quilt over a couch is the easiest thing to do in the world – but making it look good seems to be the hardest at the same time.

Many people have tried – and failed – to make the ‘casual quilt over a couch’ look work. 

Even if you’re extremely careful when choosing or making a quilt,, it can still look wrong when you actually put it there.

Today, we’ll explain just how to decorate a couch with a quilt or throw, and how they can add a pop of color, warmth or texture to your new home or apartment.

Why are You Decorating Your Couch?

This is the first thing you need to do when attempting to decorate a couch with a quilt – start with the couch itself. Address the couch and its purpose in the room, the overall feeling it creates.

Is it an ugly old piece of junk that you can’t just replace and want to hide it with a quilt that you’ll completely drape over it? Or is it a new couch that you like, but it just doesn’t fit in with the room overall?

Or maybe it’s a couch you love – you just want to make it even better. 

Maybe you have no particular feelings about the couch – it’s just a couch, it’s just a neutral place where you can place a quilt that you want to showcase.

All of these questions are important, and you should ask them before you do anything.

In general, according to “if you simply want to disguise the couch for whatever reason, you shouldn’t pick a quilt that stands out. Pick one that complements it and the room around it, using mostly subtle and neutral colors.” You don’t even have to cover it completely.  (If you want to buy a new couch or chair, we recommend checking out these recliners on sale.)

If you want to showcase a quilt or throw, pick one that’s got colors opposite to those of the couch. In case you already have a quilt, considering placing some sort of thin fabric over the couch in an opposing color to the quilt, then placing the quilt over it. 

There’s also the option of you being completely satisfied with a couch and liking it but just wanting to put the quilt there to enhance it further. 

If you don’t have to drive too much attention away from the couch, you can just pick a quilt that complements its colors. Of course, this is if you want to use a big one. If you want to use a smaller quilt, you can pick one that accentuates it instead.

Why are You Choosing This Exact Quilt?

This is the other big question you need to ask – why are you using this exact quilt on your couch?

Is it for sentimental value? Is it just a quilt that you don’t know what to do with? You don’t exactly want to have a Christmas quilt in your living room during the summer. 

Or maybe it’s a quilt that you want to make into the centerpiece of your room, but you don’t have any other place for it? 

You should answer this question for yourself and think about if the couch is the right place for your quilt. Do you dread the idea of it getting ruffled or a child/pet walking over it? Then it’s probably not a good call to put it on the couch.

However, if you’re sure that’s the right spot, here’s what to think about next.

If the quilt is larger than the couch, do you want it to completely cover the couch? If so, then you should ignore the color and shape of the couch for the most part and decorate around the rest of the room. 

Try to make the quilt complement the rest of the room if you want to keep it fairly innocuous or make the secondary colors of it opposite to the room to make it pop. 

If you want to just drape it over the couch, do you want it to be noticed? If so, pick a smaller quilt so you can display it fully and pick one that has colors opposite to those of the couch, but complementary to some other items nearby. 

In case you want a more functional quilt that will still look good no matter how it’s draped over the couch, pick one that complements it for the most part. Also, make sure it’s reversible, that’s an important thing to note.

If your couch is in a fairly neutral color you can pick almost any color you like, and you choose a quilt with some weird and interesting prints, and it will still look good – go wild!

My Final Word

Decorating your couch with the right quilt has never looked easier, has it? 

Every quilt is unique, and you should keep that uniqueness in mind when thinking about how to use it.

If you buy a quilt that just isn’t right for your couch – don’t be too disheartened, there are probably still other ways that you can fit it into the room and make it look great. 

Until next time, good luck with decorating your room!