5 Ways to Not Feel Cramped Inside a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments like these can easily be pegged as the quintessential way to live well with less. The multitasker’s playground or the blank canvas of a minimalist, a single room apartment could potentially be your favorite living space ever.

Yet, to make the most out of a studio, it’s vital to strike a balance between the design elements you need and the ones you want, and for inspiration, you can use guides like this. With that said, here are five ways to make those sought-after studio design sparks fly. 

1. Invest in Multi-purpose Furniture

Firstly, assign your furniture double duty. Opt for a wall bed or a platform bed that has built-in storage underneath. Rather than a coffee table, go for a chic storage ottoman. You can even forgo the traditional full-size couch and grab a loveseat or futon to double as seating as well as a practical room divider. The key is to design to scale, and always give one piece of furniture several jobs. 

2. Use an Open Closet Design

Plenty of modern furniture manufacturers offer an open closet design. Rather than an armoire or wardrobe, ditch the doors to manipulate the space a bit. Displaying your clothes might seem intimidating at first. Keep in mind, however, that bearing it all will undoubtedly motivate you to only keep the items you truly love. Or, jump on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon to turn your closet into a work of art. 

3. Take Advantage of Wall Space

Who says your official square footage has to serve as your design limit? Break the rules and design up! In other words, use your wall space creatively to store items there that you normally wouldn’t. 

For example, use your vertical space by hanging up the TV, shelves, instruments, bicycles, art, plants, etc. A pro tip is to match your shelving units to the wall color to give the illusion of them melting into one another.

4. Reduce Clutter by Storing Unused Items 

A common misuse of space is to keep one-use items out all year round. Or, using your valuable closet space for seasonal storage. Instead of stuffing your nooks and crannies, reduce the clutter by storing those unused items. 

Consider storing things like holiday decorations, travel suitcases, old photos, etc. If you have trouble deciding what to store and what to keep out, think about how often you actually use the item. The less you use it the more likely the item needs to be put into storage. 

5. Embrace Minimalist Decorating

Lastly, an excellent way to make the most of your studio apartment is to allow the idea of minimalism to influence your decor. For starters, show off your architecture if your apartment building has epic features. 

Rather than incorporating a slew of collectibles, for example, choose a significant (and quality) piece of art expressing similar sentiments. Another idea is to decorate with the same color in different hues. 

Making the most out of a studio apartment isn’t difficult, but it does require some purposeful action. By incorporating some of these deliberate keys, you’ll soon have the living space of your dreams.