18 Badass College Blogs You Should Read

People may knock on millennials, but we are a resourceful breed. Turst us, millennials can easily search the web and find out how to make $50 fast, or find an essay writing service for their assignments, but that’s not all they can do.

One of the best parts of growing up in the internet era is the ability to find info about anything at the click of a button. Need to figure out how to how to budget for your first apartment? There’s a guide out there for that. Trying to update your wardrobe without dropping a couple Benjamins? Can do. Looking to start a side hustle business out of your dorm? There’s a resource for that. Wanna know how to cook a grilled cheese that’s on par with crack? No problem!

If there’s something out there you want to know how to do, you can find it in a matter of minutes. Blogs can be some of the best sources of live-improving info, which is why we’ve decided to roundup some of the best sites on the web for college students. Take a look!

For Guys


Bro Bible It may not offer the deepest content in the world, but Bro Bible is a go-to blog for men that just wanna waste some time browsing through fun articles during a study break. If you need a few chuckles or a “man-this-article-is-my-life” moment, then you’ll find your perfect match in Bro Bible. Though most of BB’s articles are just plain ol’ fun, you can also dig up some advice on dating and hooking up, as well as some music and sports news.


Art of Manliness Logo

The Art of Manliness Think of The Art of Manliness as a much more matured and cultured version of Bro Bible. If you think manliness is about more than getting laid and drinking Bud Light, then this blog is definitely for you (actually, if you do think that is what masculinity is truly about, then you may need this blog more than anybody else). They offer useful lifestyle advice on just about everything, ranging from how to overcome shyness to how to jump start a car. The vintage-y feel of the site is also pretty cool and makes it stand out among other men-targeted blogs.


Man Made

ManMade Many people traditionally associate the DIY movement with Pinterest enthusiasts and Etsy-obsessed art students, but ManMade turns that idea on its head. Targeted towards the “postmodern male,” this blog artfully (and practically) combines the world of crafting with masculine hobbies and interests. ManMade can help any college guy make his life a little nicer through how-to videos, articles, and neat design inspirations. Whether you’re loving the idea of crafting a military field desk or concocting protein smoothie, you can turn to this site for a some helpful tutorials and innovative ideas.

For Girls

Her Campus

Her Campus Dreamed up by three Harvard graduates, HerCampus is a collection of stories relevant to college women, ranging from fashion-forward style tips to homework hacks. One of the best parts about this awesome site is that it’s written entirely by college students, meaning that their editorial content is actually relevant to female college students. Whether you’re looking to read a meditation on Tinder or looking up better ways to network, HerCampus will deliver! This site also offers an awesome opportunity for young student writers and journalists to begin building their portfolios before they even receive their diplomas!


Cupcakes and Cashmere

Cupcakes and Cashmere Looking for some eye candy that you can drool over between textbook chapters? Founded by Emily Schuman, Cupcakes and Cashmere offers a smorgasbord of beautiful things to run your eyes over. The blog features a variety of confections for the eyes, ranging from show-stopping outfits to delicious eats like margarita cupcakes (get in my belly!) Schuman started the blog to “celebrate the little pleasures in life” and this philosophy is clear in everything she does, from her enthusiastic musings to the beautiful pictures painting the blog. If you want some styling inspiration or simply something beautiful to look at, head on over to Cupcakes and Cashmere!



Feministing Of course, blogs for girls doesn’t have to be restricted to cute hairstyles and delicious sweets. For the politically active or politically interested woman, Feministing offers an open online community that caters to young women. They offer a wide variety of articles that examine various aspects of life through a feminist lens, ranging from pop culture topics to campus life. The articles are surprisingly diverse and unequivocally sharp-witted. Compared to other feminist websites, Feministing is known for their young audience, insightful tone, and down-to-earth perspective.

For Fashionistas

College Fashionista

College Fashionista When it comes to this fashion blog, the title pretty much says it all. College Fashionista is one of the finest style blogs on the web for young women and college-aged girls. Whether you want to keep tabs on the latest 20-something fashion trends or read an insightful piece on the most stylish female TV characters, College Fashionista will keep you on top of the latest style and design news. On top of this, you can even get some fab dorm decor tips! After all, shouldn’t your living space be as beautiful as you are?


Budget Babe

Budget Babe The Budget Babe takes a wrecking ball to the idea that style has to cost big bucks. Jumpstarted when “cheap” was a taboo word in the fashion industry, this savvy fashion blog has now become a fav pick among fashionistas with only a few dollars to spare. This blog’s contributors are in love with mixing high and low fashion, as well as saving cash on trends that quickly come and go. If you’ve been searching for a budget-conscious style or shopping guide, this blog should be your go-to. Though it mainly offers fashion advice, Budget Babe also features stylish steals in interior design and beauty.


Broke and Beautiful
Broke and Beautiful All fashionistas love a good street fashion blog. There’s nothing quite like looking at normal, everyday women wearing chic clothing that…oh yeah, costs thousands of dollars. Broke and Beautiful, established by Lindsay Ginn, provides those amazing styles and beautiful pics with clothing that you can actually afford! Though the hub of this blog is fashion, Ginn also offers pieces on beauty, music, food, and ethical products that you won’t feel guilty about buying. This is a must-see blog for any broke style maven!

 For Party Animals

CollegeHumor This addition to our list isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but there’s a reason why classics are classics, and CollegeHumor could easily be considered a founding father of college-targeted websites. Established by two high school buds from Baltimore, this website has turned into the top source of snorts and giggles for college students everywhere. If you’re at a party where things just aren’t jiving, bring everyone together with these hilarious skits, amusing comics, and laugh out loud articles. It’s also pretty awesome if you want to scroll for hours and avoid studying. Just saying.


Brokeass Gourmet Cookbook

Brokeass Gourmet Sometimes there’s gotta be more to a great party than just booze, right? If you want to give your party guests a little something extra without breaking the bank, then take a look at Brokeass Gourmet. This food and lifestyle blog was created by Gabi Moskowitz, an author and food enthusiast dedicating to “living the high life on the cheap.” Every recipe on this mouthwatering blog costs under $20 and are pretty damn easy to make, including cocktails! Whether you’re trying to impress party-goers or simply make something other than raman noodles, take a peek at Brokeass Gourmet (if you really fall in love, you can always buy the cookbook!)


Passive Aggressive Notes

Passive Aggressive Notes Passive Aggressive Notes is a simple, but hilarious blog filled with clever writings, insane demands, and laugh-out-loud note exchanges. Is there a lull in the action during a party? Pull up this site. Just want to share something funny with some friends? Then give this blog a look. But it’s also important to be careful when you decide to visit this addictive site. If you’re giving your brain a rest between readings, your quick study break could easily turn into an hour-long scroll-a-thon. You’ve been forewarned.

For Avid Sports Fans

Busted Coverage

Busted Coverage Ever wanted the online, collegiate version of Sport’s Illustrated? Then look no further than Busted Coverage! This clever blog combines sports news and gossip with sexy photos of cheerleaders, making it a huge hit with male sports fans. Though most of the sports-oriented articles focus on the NFL and college football, there’s plenty of pieces about various other sports to go around. Whether you’re searching for commentary on the latest basketball game or a hot photo shoot of NHL’s ice girls, Busted Coverage will…well, have you covered! 



Deadspin Owned by Gawker Media, Deadspin provides tip-based stories on the latest news and rumor in the sports world. You can find commentary on sports of all kinds, as well as gossip and anonymous anecdotes about your favorite sports stars. Sometimes they’ll even feature unique interest stories related to general fitness and exercising. Whether you want to see a YouTube video of a sports fan panning their own team or insightful commentary on a recent post game conference, you’ll be sure to find it at Deadspin.

For Fitness Nuts

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness The theme of Nerd Fitness is to “level up your life.” This clever tone, among many other things, is what makes this blog such a joy to visit. If you’re a die-hard nerd or someone who has always associated working out with bro-dom, then this is the perfect site for you. Find out ways to hack your college diet and exercise efficiently, all while reading artful metaphors and quotes from Gandalf, Optimus Prime, and other nerd icons. Nerd Fitness is proof that you don’t have to be part of a certain culture to get fit or improve yourself day by day.


Quickie Chick

Quickie Chick Though fitness blogger Laurel House may not be a college student herself, her workouts are absolutely perfect for packed schedules and tiny living spaces. Quickie Chick offers a ton of videos and tips for going short workouts that will tone and tighten without taking up a huge chunk of your time! These exercises are perfect for those times when you’re stuck at your desk studying for hours or waiting around at a bus stop. She even has an entire workout series exclusively for working out in your bed. Could you really ask for anything more from a fitness blog? I think not.  

For Overachievers

Dorm Room Biz

Dorm Room Biz Nowadays the average student has to take out a loan to afford college (er, maybe more like three or four loans). Why let this debt loom overhead for four years when you could earn some money while studying your butt off? Dorm Room Biz offers a number of resources that’ll help you jumpstart a small business right from your apartment. Not only does it take you through Business Planning 101, but it also gives you tons of tips on how to create a great product, how to utilize school resources for your business, market your business effectively, balance work and school, etc. Dorm Room Biz gives you the tools to get ahead of  your debt!


Life After College Blog

Life After College As sweet as the college life can be, it’s always important to remember that one day it will come to an end and you’ll need to start making money, maybe even using apps that pay. Life After College, founded by author and business coach Jenny Blake, can help you consider your future (without freaking out). Jenny’s posts are not only chock full of practical advice, but also offer numerous life affirmations that will help you focus on the journey instead of all the pressure and stress that comes with it. Her posts focus on improving your work life, financial situation, and state of mind. This site can be extremely useful for juniors or seniors beginning to ask themselves the dreaded question: “What comes after this?”

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