Taking Care of Your Cat (With Roommates) is Easy With These Tips

Living in a share house has many perks.

Not only do you get to share experiences with other individuals you come to consider as your family, but you also get to share household responsibilities amongst yourselves. There are a few responsibilities, however, that you’ll have to do yourself. One of those is taking care of your cat. But just because you have to do everything (or nearly everything) yourself, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make this responsibility easier. We’ve outlined four pro tips that will make taking care of your cat in a share-house much simpler.

1. Use an Automatic Cat Feeder

We’ll start off with one cat owner hack you may not yet be aware of. If you want to cut back on the time you spend feeding your cat—and stop needing to ask your roommates to feed them for you when you can’t—an automatic cat feeder is for you. That’s because automatic cat feeder is a lifesaver in such situations!

Instead of coordinating your day and night around feeding your cat, you can just ensure the automatic cat feeder has enough food in it. Whenever your cat feels hungry, they can just use the feeder. Yes, it’s really as simple as that! And if you find that this device works well for you, you may also want to invest in an automatic water dispenser as well. After all, why waste time going back and forth to the kitchen multiple times when you can automate the process?

2. Keep Everything Neat and Tidy

Living with roommates requires some extra consideration on the part of everyone in the household. From not leaving the dishes in the sink to remembering to take out the trash, it’s all part and parcel with keeping the household harmonious and comfortable for everyone. When you have a cat, this is particularly critical.

“When you have a cat in a share house, you need to stay on top of tasks like cleaning their litter box and making sure their toys are packed up,” says Angela Stringfellow of Safe Sound Pet. “Nobody wants to live in a messy household that not only looks disheveled but also smells bad, so it’s your job to make sure you keep everything neat and tidy.” Taking extra care to clean up after your cat (and also to give your cat a clean themselves when necessary), will make all the difference.

3. Make a Schedule

In a similar vein, it’s important to run a smooth ship when it comes to taking care of your cat. While cats are relatively easy pets to take care of and don’t require too much tending to, you do have to keep in mind how your care of them impacts your roommates.

For example, if one of your roommates has night shifts and has to sleep in the morning, and you’re making lots of noise in the morning cleaning up after your cat, this can quickly lead to problems. That’s why we suggest making a schedule for your cat care and asking your roommates if it’s fine by them. In most instances, they’ll give it a tick of approval, but just checking with them is a powerful gesture to show that you’re trying to be considerate of their needs.

4. Ask Your Roommates For (An Occasional) Helping Hand

There are some situations out of our control that mean you won’t always be able to be there for your cat. Perhaps you’re stuck in a class, or the train is running late—whatever the reason, it’s important to ensure you have a backup. This is where your roommates come in. While it’s not fair to always rely on them, they may be willing to help out if it’s only every so often.

You may even find that one of your roommates wants to help out. Or another is willing to help out if, say, if you wash the dishes or vacuum the floor. The only way to find out is to ask, so don’t be afraid to propose the idea. It’s best to figure out all the details in advance, so if you unexpectedly need your roommate to feed your kitty, they know exactly what to do. When your housemates do help out with your cat, it’s always a nice idea to say thanks. Whether with words or with a thoughtful gift, like a thank you card or a delicious edible bouquet, they’ll be sure to appreciate the sentiment.