Best Tallahassee Neighborhoods to Move to After Graduation

The state capital of Florida and home to a very proud group of college football fans. Tallahassee was selected as the state capital in 1843 given its central location between Pensacola and St. Augustine. Located to in northern Florida, southern influences are felt strongly here given the proximity to its neighboring state Georgia. These Tallahassee neighborhoods offer budding nightlife and waterfront views, making them the perfect spot for new grads.

College Town

Tallahassee is home to two major universities, Florida State University and Florida A&M University as well as Tallahassee Community College boasting a sizeable student body. Needless to say, Tallahassee attracts a considerable amount of degree-seekers and young professionals. Most area college students reside in the west or southwestern region of the city due to its proximity to Florida State. As this area is populated by mostly students, the apartments are deemed to be affordable and some are pet-friendly however the feeling of being on a college campus will be felt as the neighborhood flaunts FSU spirit on every street. Tallahassee is undeniably a college town with two recognized seasons being summer and football. The most prominent destination in the area has to be Doak Campbell Stadium, home of the Seminoles. The area is dotted with restaurants full of cheap eats, bars, and nightlife catering to young people with tight wallets. For a breath of fresh air, the Tallahassee Museum is located right off of Lake Bradford and features living exhibits of Florida wildlife, gardens, and nature trails. If you don’t mind the college crowd, search around the southwestern area of the town for affordable housing and renting for budgeting young people.

Northeast Neighborhoods

A few staple neighborhoods in Tallahassee that have held positive reputations over time include neighborhoods located in the northeastern area of the town. These areas include communities within the Killearn area which is broken down into three areas: Acres, Estates, and Lakes. This area of Tallahassee resides about 20 minutes away from the local universities and would be an ideal location for young couples and graduate students looking for a quiet, residential area. The apartments in this area tend to be more upscale and tend to be accompanied by a higher price tag in comparison to surrounding areas. Northeast Tallahassee is one of Tallahassee’s oldest and most established residential areas encompassing lush greenery adorned with parks and lined with trees covered in gorgeous Spanish moss. The emphasis for this area would be that it is firmly residential and boasts some of the area’s best schools. Upscale housing can be found in housing developments like Golden Eagle, Summerbrooke and Ox Bottom Manor. Although the apartments tend to be more expensive in this area overall, for young people seeking to purchase property in the area, Killearn offers a variety of homes with varying price tags.


Spanning from E. Tennessee Street down to W. St Augustine Street, Downtown Tallahassee operates as a professional hub home to boutique stores and restaurants mainly filled with business professionals working in the area. Tallahassee is not a large city, but the few main streets get very congested including Tennessee Street, Monroe Street, and Apalachee Parkway around rush hours and game days. This area consists of office buildings, the Capitol, government offices and a host of upscale apartment options. Unlike other state capitol buildings across the U.S., the Florida state Capitol Building is a 22-story-high building resembling more of a high-rise than the traditional sense of a state capital. Points of interest include the Downtown Marketplace open from 9 AM – 2 PM every Saturday from March through November. Downtown is often attributed with higher-income living and more luxury apartments with added premiums. The area is attractive to many young professionals looking for occupations in government and business. The Downtown GetDown concert series are staple events in the Downtown area consisting of live entertainment, local arts, craft beer, and wine vendors every Friday night before all FSU football games.

Midtown & Southeast

Over the past few years, Midtown has seen new growth by an increasing number of young people moving into the area. Close to the downtown business district, Midtown offers a quaint residential area with moderately priced apartments attractive to young professionals and growing families. Midtown is home to the Governor’s Mansion and the natural oasis of Lake Ella. Many residents of Midtown visit the park with their pets and families for picnics or weekend strolls. Southeast Tallahassee picks up the pace with more fine dining and nightlife entertainment options as well as outdoor recreation including the Apalachee Regional Park with over 100 acres of multi-purpose fields and nearby country club featuring an 18-hole golf course. Southeast Tallahassee is a comfortable commute into downtown and offers affordable options for young renters and property buyers. Popular areas for young professionals or graduate students looking to live closer into town should search for availability in Indianhead Acres and around Lake Ella offering shopping and restaurants within relatively easy walking distance or a short bike ride away.