Bedroom Design Essentials: From Constricting to Cozy

Small bedrooms often appear to be rather a nightmare than a pleasant and cozy nook you can relax in. How can you possibly fit in both the bed and adequate storage space while still managing to make the room your own? With the limited options a rented space provides, this question becomes much tougher.  

Let’s look at six-bedroom design essentials that will take your constricting rented bedroom to unprecedented levels of coziness. 

Consider the Storage 

The other all-important element of any bedroom is the storage space. While it’s more of a challenge in small bedrooms, with some clever engineering, you’ll be able to make ample use of the space in no time. 

First, there’s the room under the bed. You can easily fashion drawers to fit this space, or perhaps consider a bed that comes with built-in storage space. Custom-made cupboards are also the way to go, preferably of the floor-to-ceiling kind to maximize storage potential. We all have items we would happily store high up, knowing that they are within a stool’s reach. 

Finally, don’t forget to make good use of the wall space. Whether you go for clothing racks, bookshelves, or an improvised vanity, clever shelving can provide all the space you need.

Then Consider the Lighting 

A lot of a room’s atmosphere depends on the lighting. Dark and shadowy rooms can never feel as inviting as rooms with ample, soft light.

If your bedroom also doubles as an office, you want to ensure there is plenty of bright light available. Ideally, you want the ceiling light to be strong and bright, and you can also throw in a desk lamp or a wall lamp above the desk to provide some additional light if need be. 

However, as you also need this room to be soothing and cozy, you might want to consider a bedside lamp, or if there is no space, make good use of fairy lights draped over the bed from the wall or the ceiling. This will provide that warmer, more soothing lighting that you need to be able to fall asleep easier. 

And the Air Quality 

You want the bedroom to be well aerated, but you also want to be able to control the temperature. For starters, you can consider adding hooks to the windows that will leave them open just a fraction while preventing unauthorized access. That way, the room can get enough fresh air during the day (and night). 

You might also want to invest in a humidifier that will enable you to control the level of humidity in the air. Also consider a thermostat that lets you control the temperatures more precisely.

Ideally, the bedroom shouldn’t be too hot, even though that might feel like the coziest atmosphere to fall asleep in. You’ll only wake up sweaty in the middle of the night, so aim for a cooler and more refreshing temperature

Decor Hacks for a Small Space 

Small bedrooms can often benefit from large mirrors, as they will add that extra dimension and allow you to feel less constricted in the space. Be careful about what you choose to reflect, though. Perhaps you don’t want your tired face to be the first thing you see when you wake up?

Angle the mirror so that it reflects the window, or so that it mirrors a decorative wall you’ve set up in the space. 

Bringing some greenery into the space is also a great way to make it feel more pleasant. If you can’t seem to keep plants alive, you might want to go for the faux kind, but there are plenty of undemanding plants that are ideal for the bedroom

Finally, the clever combination of different colors and textures can make your bedroom much more vibrant and inviting. Consider layering your bedding, throwing more than one throw on the floor, and cushioning up the space.

Don’t Forget the Bed

You will want to ensure that your bed is exactly to your taste. Some people like higher beds that you practically have to climb into, while others prefer something lower and closer to the floor.

Apart from the height, you also want to consider the length and width. Most bed frames come in standard sizes, but if you are unusually tall, you might find a two-meter bed to be too short for your needs. The same goes for width. If you are the kind of person who sticks to a small portion of the bed, perhaps you don’t need that king-size mattress after all

You also want to consider how you sleep. That’s because different mattresses suit different sleeping positions better. For example, a mattress designed for side sleepers may not be the best choice if you’re more of a back sleeper. 

Finally, a Personal Touch 

For an added cozy factor, you also want your bedroom to feel like you. This can easily be accomplished with the addition of items that have a sentimental value or that evoke certain memories. 

A photo gallery wall is always a simple idea to execute: you can get a board or fashion one yourself and stick your photos there. Art and prints are also a great option, and places like Desenio offer all kinds of designs you can switch around and reuse in different rooms. 

Don’t forget that adding too many knick-knacks can make the room feel overly crowded. So, stick to fewer decorative items, and keep the room fresh and airy, as opposed to stuffy and Victorian. Unless that’s what you prefer, of course. 

Final Thoughts 

The internet, and especially Pinterest, are full of creative ways to jazz up even the smallest of spaces. You often don’t even have to break the bank to achieve the effect you’re looking for. Best of all, you may be able to DIY all the way. 

Remember to always consult your landlord on the kinds of alterations you’re allowed to make. Also consider the amount of time you’re likely to spend in the space. After all, you don’t want to make it perfect only to have to move again.