5 Ways to Give Your Apartment a Makeover on a Budget

Giving an apartment a makeover is never easy and, in most cases, it’s not usually cheap. Property makeovers, whichever way you look at it, cost money. That said, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. No matter the size of your apartment, there are always quick and innovative ways to help spruce up your place without having to break your budget.

Here’s a look at the different ways that you can save money and spice up your apartment using clever DIY tricks and simply knowing what not to buy.

Thrift Shops

Thrift shops are filled with bargains. Shop around and see if there’s anything that you believe would fit well inside your apartment — you never know what you might find. The prices of furniture in second-hand shops is usually a fraction of what the price would be in your standard retail store. Plus, you might find they add a bit of character for your home!

The key is to shop around to see what fits your place best. Of course, we aren’t saying that you’re definitely going to find the sofa of your dreams, but you may be able to save yourself a small fortune by re-using items that other people didn’t need anymore.

But if you can’t make it to the physical shop, check out cool decorations like world map posters; that is a great way to change the looks of your apartment and make it more comfortable without spending all of your money.

Rent Power Tools — Don’t Buy

If you think of yourself as a bit of a DIY expert, or you’d at least like to try your hand at it – then you’ll need power tools. However, power tools can be expensive, especially if you’re only planning on using them a few times. So, we recommend that you turn to tool rental. This is an incredibly effective way to cut corners and costs regarding your DIY projects.

The majority of tool hire or rental companies are very flexible in terms of how long they lend their equipment for, so you can return the goods whenever you want — an awesome perk!

Plus, everything is usually covered by the company, so if the tool were to malfunction, you would not be held responsible.

Tool rental is definitely something to consider if you’re looking to get your DIY project underway without having to work your way through the many tools available. Simply ask your tool rental company what they would recommend for your project and get to work!

Make Use of Recycling

Again, this is something that requires a bit of luck. If you don’t already know, recycling is essentially repurposing items (furniture, etc) in order to start fresh with an old piece of furniture. This is commonly done with car parts, and old furniture such as benches, chairs and tables. With a bit of imagination and ingenuity, you can transform something like an old table into a book shelf, or some type of storage piece.

If what you find is already in good condition, there’s nothing stopping you from giving it a clean, fresh look and finding it a new home.

A Minimalist Design Could Be Your Best Bet

Not only does adopting a minimalist setting look great, but it also means you don’t have to clutter your apartment with unwanted items. This is particularly useful if you’ve just started a move, as it allows you to sort what you do and don’t want to bring to your new property.

It’s worth remembering that minimalist designs don’t just work by ‘having nothing in your living room’. Instead, it’s knowing what to do with the space. It’s a case of buying smart and knowing what design you’re aiming to accomplish.

Have a Plan

Our final point encapsulates the previous four – have a plan before you begin your makeover!

You might find that the majority of your budget goes toward buying miscellaneous items you don’t actually need. This is especially important if you’re moving into a new apartment!

Pay particular attention to items such as furniture and any tools you may need to help your makeover move along quickly, as they are usually the most expensive.

That concludes our 5 cheap ways to give your apartment a makeover on a budget.

The most important thing to remember is planning and shopping around for the best deals. Be sure to stick to your budget and look to make use of what you already have.

Are there any other money-saving tips we’ve missed out? Maybe you’d like to share your own DIY or makeover experiences with us? If so, please let us know!