Announcing RenterIQ

At Rentable, we’re constantly working to bridge the divide between renter and landlord. Our product is designed to help renters find the perfect apartment, while also helping property managers connect with the perfect tenants.

That’s why I’m proud to announce a new release from Rentable: RenterIQ, a custom-built platform created with our user-base in mind. We’ve been piloting it since the spring with select customers, and I’m excited to go public with it today.

RenterIQ is a true industry first: a tool that allows property managers to see exactly what renters are looking for when they search for apartments on Rentable.

RenterIQ helps property managers answer that age-old question — What do renters want? — with comprehensive, easy-to-access data. Are renters looking for a specific amenity — air-conditioning, for example? A property manager will now know exactly how many. Are renter budgets higher this year than they were last year? RenterIQ can tell you.


RenterIQ can show property managers when potential renters are searching, and what they’re searching for. That makes it easier than ever for management companies to tailor their marketing to their audience, and to reach their renters with the apartments they want, when they want them. Say goodbye to expensive focus groups and surveys. Instead, rely on accurate, up-to-the-minute data, courtesy of one of the most successful services to focus on Millennial renters.

We built RenterIQ to ensure that property managers have all the information they need to make better, informed decisions for their businesses. We hope it will continue to help property managers connect with the next generation of renters.

Caitlin Honan
Director of Product, ABODO