6 Reasons You Should Install Air Filters In Your Rental Properties

Poor air quality is a major concern for most renters. This is because most rental properties tend to have poor ventilation. As a result, the air in their apartments or condos is of poor-quality. Furthermore, the presence of airborne germ particles can lead to mold infestations and dampness in the house. 

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The air you breathe greatly impacts your health and well-being. If you’re breathing air that has several impurities, like pollens, dust, allergens, you’re susceptible to health issues and will be constantly uncomfortable in the house.  

As a property owner, if you’re facing poor air quality issues, investing in a high-quality AC or furnace filter for your rental property can be the solution. Below, we look at a few key reasons why you should install air filters in your rental property.  

Better Air Quality 

The main job of air filters is to ensure that the air pollutants are removed from the indoors. Hence, installing an air filter is a great way to ensure that the air quality in your rental property is good.  

Most property owners leave the responsibility of changing the air filters to their renters. However, if you do it by yourself, you can ensure that your AC or furnace is regularly maintained. Since air filters are quite inexpensive, changing them regularly can also save you from major property maintenance costs, like mold infestations and dampness.  

Besides, regularly changing air filters in your rental property will ensure that your tenants are comfortable, healthy, and don’t face health issues due to airborne allergens. Thus, increasing the demand value for your property.  

Reduced Electricity Bills  

If the air filters of your AC or furnace are dirty or damaged, they’ll affect the performance of the systems. Thus, your AC will have to work much harder to cool the apartment, increasing its consumption of energy. Besides, if the AC is not working efficiently, your tenant is likely to run it for longer periods to get the desired temperature. This will considerably increase your electricity bill.  

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However, if you change the air filters regularly, your systems will be able to circulate the air efficiently and also reduce their energy consumption. Thus, reducing your electricity bill.  

Improved AC And Furnace Performance  

Poorly ventilated homes often have trapped mold, dust particles, and other air pollutants. These pollutants will not only get recirculated in your home but it’ll also decrease the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. This will also increase the frequency of wear and tear of your systems. An increase in wear and tear, over time, can reduce the lifespan of your systems. 

Thankfully, installing an air filter will ensure that your AC and furnace don’t face too much wear and tear, allowing it to function well for years to come.  

Reduced Mold Infestation 

It’s almost impossible for any indoor property to not have mold spores, which tend to grow in damp, dusty corners that can adversely impact one’s health. This is because mold is a fungus that’s naturally found in the outside environment. However, mold becomes a problem when the majority of its concentration is inside the house. Molds are dangerous for people with asthma, respiratory disorders, allergies, and weak immune systems. 

One of the easiest ways to remove mold spores from your rental property is to regularly change the air filters of your system. As air filters capture the mold spores, they prevent the mold from spreading. However, over time, the filters get clogged with trapped mold, dust, and other air particles. If left unclean, the mold gets recirculated in the air. That’s why it’s important to change the air filters regularly.  

Ideal For Tenants with Asthma And Other Respiratory Disorders  

People with respiratory disorders, like asthma, are looking for homes that have good ventilation. Since most rental properties are poorly ventilated, its often their task to find a place that’s free of mold infestation, dampness, and allergens, all of which contribute to respiratory problems.  

Damaged and unclean filters can often lead to air pollutants in your home’s atmosphere and adversely affect the tenant’s health. On the other hand, a newly installed air filter can help you create a space that’s comfortable and safe for people with respiratory issues. Thereby, increasing your rental property’s demand value.  

Ideal For Tenants With Pets 

If your tenants have pets, it’s important to ensure that your home has installed air filters. As the cats and dogs shed hair, it gets everywhere, including the filters. This affects the performance of your cooling and heating systems. Also, it adds to the air pollutants and can cause allergies. 

Thus, if your tenants have pets, regularly changing air filters is a must. This will ensure that your systems work efficiently and your rental property has good air quality. 

How To Check The Air Quality In Your Rental Property? 

While installing air filters and regularly changing the filters of your heating and cooling system is ideal to improve your property’s air quality, it’s advisable to schedule an air quality test, especially between tenants. 

A professional air quality test will provide an in-depth insight into the problem areas of your home and suggest ways for improvement. By doing this, you can increase the value of your rental property.  

Since everyone wants to stay in a healthy, safe environment, improving the air quality of your home will also make sure that your rental property is in demand.  


With air quality being a major concern, especially for city dwellers, it’s important to pay attention to your rental property’s air quality. Improving the air quality of your property is a great way to improve your property’s value. 

One of the easiest ways to improve air quality is to install a high-quality air filter. This will ensure that there are reduced mold infestation and lesser air pollutants in the atmosphere. Installing a quality air filter will also help improve the function of your cooling and heating systems, increasing their efficiency and reducing your electricity consumption.  

Remember to get the air quality of your home tested occasionally, especially, between tenants. This will ensure that your property is a safe, healthy, and comfortable space for renters.