9 Tips for Getting Packages Delivered to An Apartment

Apartment living has its perks but getting packages delivered to an apartment isn’t one of them. Different apartment buildings have different systems organized for collecting packages, so it can be confusing for both tenants and delivery people as to what the deal is.

While getting packages successfully delivered to apartments is no easy feat, there are some things you can do that might make your life easier in this regard. The tips here won’t work for everyone, but some of you will get great use out of them.

So, without further ado, here are 9 tips for getting packages delivered to an apartment successfully.

1. Use specifically requested delivery time slots

six assorted-color mail boxes

I know it’s obvious, but the amount of people who choose automatic delivery times out of sheer laziness is amazing. If possible, choose a courier for your delivery who offers specifically requested time slots, allowing you to make sure you’re in for delivery.

Not all couriers can be flexible with their time slots, which is understandable, but if you have a rough idea of when your stuff is arriving, you’re better able to plan for a way of obtaining it.

2. Leave it with the concierge or management office

If you’re lucky enough to live in a building with a concierge service or an on-site management office, take advantage of it! Most concierges will offer package services where they keep your deliveries safe until you arrive home to collect them.

It’s very convenient and makes getting packages delivered to an apartment really easy!

Even if you’re in the building inside your apartment, having your concierge collect the delivery means that you can pop down and collect your parcel when it best suits you.

Obviously you shouldn’t leave your stuff with them for too long, but take advantage of this handy middle-man if you’re paying for the privilege.

3. Invest in a mailbox

Getting packages delivered to an apartment isn’t a problem when your building has a dedicated mailbox. Most apartment buildings have cluster mailboxes like these mailboxes designed for commercial use but if yours doesn’t have one, you should think about getting one. If you can get permission from the landlord and/or building manager, consider installing a mailbox for yourself at the entrance of the building.

The downside here is that you’d need to make it obvious which apartment number the mailbox is for, and a lot of delivery people might not notice it.

Alternatively, you could request the building owner to install a new commercial mailbox for the building or some of the tenants on your floor.

Commercial mailboxes are designed to be large and heavy-duty, featuring multiple mail slots for multiple tenants.

You can also get commercial mailboxes with large parcel lockers and package drop boxes that need tenant-specific keys to open. This way, you can have your parcels sat waiting for you in your apartment foyer when you get back from work.d

4. Befriend your neighbors

low angle view of building

I’ve lived in multiple apartment buildings, so I realize that most apartment people aren’t big on the whole “neighbor” thing. Especially if you’re in a big city, you’re more likely to be surrounded by neighbors who have no interest in getting to know anyone.

However, it may be worth trying to introduce yourself to the neighbors and getting to know them, even if just on a casual level. This way, it’s easier to look out for one another when it comes to things like getting packages delivered to an apartment.

If you’re living near the right people, it can easily turn into a convenient “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” situation with parcel deliveries.

5. Make sure that your buzzer and apartment phone are working

green wooden door

If the phone and buzzer system in your apartment are not working, you need to get the landlord to fix this as quickly as possible. If you’re going to answer for deliveries, it’s essential that the courier is able to buzz your apartment and request access.

Many delivery people won’t bother coming up to your apartment if you don’t answer their buzzes, either because they can’t get access to the building or they’re in a rush with tight deadlines and don’t have the time to waste.

If you live on a high floor that takes a while to get to, they’re even less likely to make the effort.

Of course, this all depends on the size and style of building that you live in, but if you’re in the type of apartment building where the courier can’t get in without you granting them access, then a working buzzer is essential.

6. Install a mail slot in your apartment door

If you can get permission from your landlord and/or property management company, be sure to install a mail slot in your apartment door.

While this won’t be a help for larger parcels and packages, it will be convenient for letters and smaller parcels that can fit through a letterbox.

It’s becoming increasingly common for apartment front doors to come with mail slots and letterboxes, making it easier for the USPS and delivery people to get smaller pieces of mail to tenants with ease.

Ultimately, we all want the mail process to be as straightforward as possible.

7. Get your deliveries sent somewhere else

blue metal locker with padlock

If you know that you’re not going to be in for a delivery, try getting your mail directed somewhere else where you know it will be safe until you pick it up. There are many options for this depending on your circumstances:

Work: If your office building has on-site management staff or a concierge service, consider sending your mail to work until you can pick it up when you’re next in the office.

Neighbors: Got a neighbor who works from home? Maybe one of your neighbors works different shifts to you so they’re home at times you’re not? Whatever the situation, you might want to pre-arrange a delivery slot for your neighbor and return the favor when they need it.

Family and friends: If you’ve got friends and family who live nearby, why not get your delivery sent to them until you can go pick it up? This is especially useful if your parents are retired, stay home a lot, or have a large residential mailbox that can hold parcels.

8. Give your courier the access code to the building

You might want to consider writing the access code to your building on the delivery notes for your orders. This way, if the courier is good at their job, they will check the notes and see the access code, allowing them to get inside the building.

Even if you’re not at home when they get there, they may be able to leave your parcel in the foyer or outside your apartment door for when you get home. It’s not the most secure way to do things, but it’s an option.

9. Try an Amazon locker

black Samsung Galaxy smartphone displaying Amazon logo

If you’re getting something delivered from Amazon, which is not unlikely these days, you might want to try an Amazon locker.

Amazon lockers are widely available in metropolitan areas all over the world – they’re found in banks, supermarkets, universities, shopping centers, and more.

You simply turn up to the specific locker with a code to retrieve your parcel. It’s pretty easy and convenient if you live in a big city.

While these tips only apply to certain styles of an apartment building, hopefully, they’ve given you some ideas on safely getting packages delivered to an apartment going forward. Good luck!