7 Ways to Resolve Apartment Storage Issues

Moving into a new apartment can be a significant milestone in one’s life. You could be moving out of your parents’ home or moving with your partner. However, this milestone could come with several issues. From the packing and moving of items to unpacking and setting things up again, there are countless challenges. Insufficient storage space is one of them. 

Happy couple unpacking boxes in new home

Sometimes while moving, you may find that you have a lot of stuff that you do not have room for. Finding ways to deal with these belongings and managing all the other tasks can be very frustrating. And you may think throwing it all out is the only way. But just because you have storage issues doesn’t mean you need to throw all of it away. Here are a few solutions to this possible issue that make your moving process more comfortable. One of them may be your way out of storage issues.

Sort Out Your Belongings

Whenever you are facing storage issues, the first thing you need to do is sort out your belongings. Divide all of your items into three categories. The first category would be of items that you want to keep and keep with you. These include all your necessities, things that you can’t live without. These are the items that you will take with you. 

The second category is what you want to keep, but you do not need around you. You can find a place to store these items where you can access them when you want to.

The third category is of things that you do not need and have no importance for you. These are the items that hog up on space and are better to get rid of.

Rent Out Storage Space

If you have some belongings that you do not want to throw away but can’t find space to store for them, the solution is quite easy. You can rent out storage space and safely tuck away your belongings until you have enough space.

There are many options of self storage in Arlington, TX, that can help you out with your extra belongings. These self-storage spaces will allow the process of moving into a new apartment a lot easier and manageable for you, as you’ll be keeping the portion of your belongings over there.

When you rent out these spaces, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, such as the safety and the rent of the storage. About 9.4% of the household in the USA rent storage facilities for an average of 14 months.

The high numbers show that most of these facilities are safe to use. If you plan on using the storage for a more extended time, you need to check if the long-term storage would damage your belongings or not. 

Donate What You Don’t Need

When you start packing up things for moving into a new apartment, you will come across many items that are no longer of use for you. Yes, you can throw these things away if they have no value. But, if they are in good condition and someone else can use, why not donate?

While you are donating, make sure that the items you give away are in usable condition. If you’re donating books, make sure they’re legible and not too torn. If you are giving away clothes, ensure that they are not dirty or ripped. If there are any food items amongst your donations, make sure they aren’t expired and are fit to eat. If the things you own aren’t good enough to be used, you should discard them instead.

Carton boxes and stacked books on table

Dedicate A Room For Storage

If you are moving into a new apartment with a spare room, and you have a lot of items that you can’t find room for, turn your extra room into a storeroom. When you try setting things up in a proper place, you might find that they take up quite a lot of space. But if these same things are packed in a box and stacked over one another, they take up a lot less space.

If you are moving from a bigger house to a smaller one, and aren’t sure of what to do with the items that you don’t want to give away, store them. The more neatly you pack and stack them in the storeroom, the lesser space they will occupy. And since all these items will be in your home, you can access them anytime you want.

If you feel there are certain items that you may need to access more frequently than the others, what you can do is label the boxes and arrange them according to your need. Keep the boxes you need more on the top, so you don’t have to move around too many boxes to get what you want.

Put Things On Sale

A lot of time we invest in things that we plan on using, but never quite get to using them. They stay buried under other items till the day you’re moving and finally find them again. The best thing to do with such items is to sell them. Click a few pictures, get the best angles, and put them on sale online. Or you can set up a backyard sale as well.

Selling items is not necessarily for all the unused belongings that you own. There are some used items that you can sell, such as books, furniture, home appliances, and much more. You can also sell anything that is in excellent usable condition to help you save money.

Renovate Your New Place

If you want to keep all of your belongings, and that too without packing them up, there is one last option. You can always renovate your new place a little before you move in. Renovating doesn’t mean changing the entire interior of your house. Just some small touches on shelving that can help you add more storage space to your rooms.

It is an effortless task that can make a significant change for you. You can add a floor to ceiling length shelves that provide space for you to keep your items. If you think your closet isn’t big enough, you can add extra shelves for more stacking space. Putting up shelves and hooks on the walls around the house can help you place and hang more items in plain sight where you can quickly access them. 

Pass On To Family Or Friends

There are a lot of items that have sentimental value attached to them. Such things can simply not be donated or sold. But at times, no matter how much you want to keep these items for yourself. You just can’t. The best thing to do in such cases is to pass them on to family or friends who hold it just as close. These could be photo albums, dresses, or even whole boxes of cherished childhood memories. Passing them on to a sibling or children won’t only allow your loved one to cherish the memories, but also preserve those items since they won’t be cramping up in some corner of the house.

Wrapping it Up

Moving is a very lengthy and painstaking task that comes with a lot of issues. If you can solve all your storage issues, your moving process can be more natural for you. Finding space or making space isn’t as hard as it seems. There are many solutions available depending upon the type of items you own. Finding one that fits your need can make everything easier for you.