7 Tips to Create An Eco-Friendlier Apartment

Everybody knows that our planet needs more care and protection. Much has been said about global warming, plastic waste, and non-renewable energy sources. However, our busy schedules and pace of modern life distract us from these problems.

You cannot become eco-friendly in a day, even if you are quite determined about it, especially if you do not live in the house of your own, but your dwelling is an apartment in the middle of a big city, usually rented, and with small options provided by your landlord for eco-friendliness and recycling.

Though you mustn’t make any excuses, and you do not need to rebuild the apartment or alter your lifestyle drastically. Just consider making some little changes to incorporate the eco-friendly approaches into your daily routines.

Here are seven useful tips to help you change into a more environmentally friendly person, and make your apartment suitable for a more conscious lifestyle.

Solar Powered Panels Can Become Your Best Friends

If you live in the area with a high cost of energy, but with enough sunlight, use rooftop solar panels. Or, if your apartment does not mean using them, mini solar panels for window-sills can be a great option. They do not produce any harmful emissions but the energy they provide is enough for lighting the room and using your PC. Their environmental impact is minimal if not zero.

Bonus Tip: If you’re interested in learning more about solar panels, check out this guide here. 

Eliminating Plastic at Home Means Going Reusable

Stop using all those zip-top bags, plastic food containers, cutlery, and straws, or plastic water bottles. Replace them with reusable daily items which can last for ages. Consider glass water bottles and cups, silverware for lunch boxes, and glass Tupperware suitable for microwaves.

Think as well about cutting down paper products such as wet wipes or paper towels, and start using cloth towels and napkins.

Water Conservation Means Using Resources Consciously

Do not leave your tap on when brushing your teeth. Start a washing machine or dishwasher only if you have a full load.

Install and use a low-flow showerhead for the water economy. You will be surprised by your next water bill becoming significantly lower. Use a water filter to get drinking water instead of purchasing bottled water in the supermarket.

Think about using water in the toilets. It accounts for about 30 % of total household water usage. By changing standard water tanks to an EPA-certified WaterSense item can save much and also result in water bill reduction.

Brand-new water heaters are a good energy-efficient solution as well. Think about installing hot water recirculation pumps to reduce its waste in the sewage.

Consider reusing grey water from your taking baths and showers with the help of special grey water systems. Such water can be used for toilet flushing or laundry as well as for plant irrigation.

Eco-Friendly Materials Can Be Used All Around the Apartment

You can opt for eco-friendly flooring which is made of decorative cork tiles or durable bamboo. You may also think about carpeting made from recycled components or natural wool.

Recyclable and sustainable materials can also be used for doors and windows. Opt for fiberglass doors that are lightweight and energy-efficient. For windows, you may choose low-E coatings or dynamic glass which helps preserve comfortable temperatures both in winters and in summers.

If you want to improve the air quality, your option is paints and finishes with low VOC (volatility organic compounds). Such an option minimizes airborne toxins. And, of course, plants are a necessary component for clearing the air and for making the apartment and balcony (if any) cozy and comfortable.

Clean your Home with Steam and Use Fewer Chemicals

Use household and car steam cleaners instead of usual vacuum-cleaners and abrasive chemical materials. You can find great eco-friendly solutions on the Net. For example, look at these options from Auto Wise if you are looking for eco-friendly options for cleaning your car.

Steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning pet stains, spills and also are fantastic for killing germs as well as odors. A car steam cleaner can do this and also is suitable for indoor cleaning too and can easily lift away stains, leaving your carpets and furniture spotless. It’s an eco-friendly means of cleaning a home and reduces the need for harsh and harmful chemicals.

Heat and Cold Should Be Considered in a Smart Way

Even if you live in an apartment, you can adjust the indoor temperature to weather conditions. Using window insulation in winter and fans in summer instead of energy-consuming heaters and conditioning can help much. If you turn down your thermostat to lower temperatures at night when the weather is chilly and open the windows when it is hot during your bedtime in summer, you are sure to use less energy, so to be more eco-friendly.

Electricity Should Be Utilized Efficiently

Regular incandescent light bulbs use much more electricity than you can imagine. Consider replacing your old-school bulbs with a compact fluorescent light (CFL) or LED (light-emitting diode). Both of them last much longer and use less energy. Besides, they are brighter, so you can use fewer lamps at home.

Think about turning off the light and all the electric devices when leaving the room. The electricity bills will become much lower, for sure.

Go as Much Eco-Friendly as Possible

Make some little positive changes in your lifestyle, and the whole environment will benefit from it. It does not matter whether you live in New York, Boston, Chicago, or Billings. You can apply the most eco-friendly options to your lifestyle by using our tips.

Living a green lifestyle is not rocket science. What can be easier than turning off the water taps, replacing them when they are leaking, switching off the lights and electric appliances when you are not using them? Or what can serve the benefits of the environment better than buying and utilizing natural products instead of chemical ones? Or probably, what is more consistent than the option of reusing and recycling things when you do not need them anymore?

Remember that by becoming greener, it’s not you only who gets healthier and more contented with life. Your neighbors are likely to appreciate what you are doing and they may follow your example. And, of course, you will save a lot of money. So, let’s start living this eco-friendly lifestyle right now!