7 Killer Apartment Ideas You Can Steal

If you covet a beautifully decorated apartment, but are still looking to save a buck, then it’s likely that you can be found browsing through one of the numerous DIY design blogs online. After browsing around for a while, most of those space saving tips and interior design tricks start looking a little repetitive. If you’re getting lost in a blur of Mason jar upcycles and re-upholstered thrift store furniture and just want some great apartment ideas, have no fear! We here at Rentable have done some filtering for you!

Apartment idea #1: Removable wallpaper to add personality

Removable Wallpaper

Accent walls have been in vogue for some time now, but painting and wallpaper can be a sticky situation for apartment renters. The solution? Put up some removable wallpaper like this Grasscloth paper from Opensky! It allows you to pick the best print for you at that moment without any regrets. It won’t tear off the paint underneath either! This is also a great option for people who want to change up the look of their apartment every year or more.

Vertical Gardens

Adding a little greenery to your apartment can really liven up the space. The best part about vertical gardens is they take up only a small amount of space. Not only are vertical gardens a great decorative touch to your kitchen, but they can also provide you with easily accessible, fresh herbs. There are many ways to make a DIY vertical garden, including this simple and cute version made of wood and rope:

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”UqDYHlxOq7U”]

Hand-Braided Rug

This DIY takes some time, but it’s better than dropping big bucks on a rug with a cliché print. If you’re a crafter that has a lot of extra fabric laying around, then this is definitely the perfect project for you! Braid the strips of fabric together into long strips. Once you have enough to cover the width of the rug, glue them down to a piece of fabric. Bam! You’re done! A more detailed tutorial can be found at A Beautiful Mess.

Apartment idea #4: magnetic spice rack

Magnetic Spice Rack

Have limited cabinet space? Use your spices frequently and want them within easy reach? Having a magnetic spice rack like this one from Rakuten can really be a space saver. Plus the novelty factor is just awesome! Purchase little magnetic spice containers or create your own by purchasing bottles and attaching magnets to the lids. When you’re done, place them on your fridge or mount a piece of stainless steel on the kitchen wall.

Stylish Loft Beds

One of the best space savers and fashionable additions to studio apartments is a lofted bed. Thinking about the rickety IKEA bunk beds in your childhood? You can find sophisticated loft beds that are miles away from those. In fact, if get the permission of your landlord and have some basic carpentry skills, you can even create your own! Need an office area, but have nowhere to put it? Put it under the loft bed. Craving a walk-in closet, but don’t want to deal with the price that comes with it? Put it under the loft bed. Of course, if you’re going to create your own, just make sure you get the landlord’s permission first!

Paint Sample Art

Framed wall posters can get pricey, but you could always create art for your walls. Of course, you’ve already been through a million DIY art tutorials and nothing has caught your eye. Paint splatters aren’t your thing – way too Jackson Pollock – and your painting skills are virtually non-existent. You also have a strict belief that no one should be hanging yarn off nails in the wall unless they’re Holly Hobby. But do you know what is free and colorful? Paint Samples. Head over to your nearest Home Depot or home improvement store and raid their paint samples. When you get a good number of them, start playing around. Arrange them inside a cheap dollar store or thrifted frame. Not the creative type? Get some ideas from this Pinterest Board dedicated to different types of paint sample art.

Apartment idea #7: Create a fun side table out of books and belts.

Book Tables

Have a lot of spare textbooks that you forgot to sell back? Looking for something useful to do with them? Look no further! Instead of updating an ugly side table from a thrift store, make a book table. Neatly stack the books on top of one another and secure together with two, sturdy leather straps. If you want a shorter table, you can even use old belts. You can leave it at that, but if you want a more traditional surface, attach a small piece of wood or wood black at the top of the book stack. This piece will add character and ingenuity to your apartment.

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