Subletting Your Apartment? 6 Tips to Fill it Fast

Whether you’re studying abroad or just looking to get out of town for a few weeks this summer, subletting your apartment is a great way to keep costs low during time away from home. Why pay a full month’s rent if you’re not going to be in your apartment? Still, finding someone to take over the terms of your lease can be a struggle. To ensure that you don’t spend weeks looking for someone to temporarily take over your space, here are 6 tips from Rentable.

1. List Your Sublet on Rentable

You probably already know that Rentable is the best way to find an off-campus apartment. With more listings, more filters, and an easy-to-use mobile app, Rentable has made it easy to find the perfect apartment for your lifestyle. But did you know that you can also use Rentable to list your sublet for free? Just click “Add a Listing” in the upper right-hand corner of Rentable, and then all you have to do is enter your address, upload pics, and describe your apartment, and your sublet will be placed on the same map as all the other properties listing on Rentable. That means tens of thousands of users will be able to see it. Talk about options!

2. Share the Listing Far and Wide

After you build your Rentable listing, you can also easily share your sleek and professional listing to social media and tap into your network of renters, too. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, and local for-sale/rent websites. If it’s a college apartment you’re subletting, be sure to also advertise the listing around campus and on campus forums. The more eyes you get on your sublet, the better your odds for finding the perfect subletter.

3. Price Your Sublet Competitively

One of the hardest parts of subletting is figuring out a price point for your place. Do you charge full price, or give a small discount? How you answer that question will depend on your market. If you live in a high-demand area, you can probably get away with making your subletter pay exactly what you’d normally pay for rent — or even slightly above-market. But if you’re in a quieter rental market with lower demand, you might have to lower your sights a little bit in order to attract a renter.

So do your homework! Check your lease to see if your property manager has any requirements for sublet pricing, and use Rentable to see how similar apartments are renting in your area. It’s OK if your place is priced about the same as all the others in your area — but if you really want to find a subletter fast, price your place slightly below the going rate.

4. Don’t Skimp on Pictures

The days of fuzzy flip-phone photos are behind us. Marketing your apartment is extremely important (and sometimes difficult), and renters now expect more from a listing than an out-of-focus, crooked snapshot. You don’t have to include a full 3-D tour, but make sure your photos are comprehensive, well-lit, and clear. Make sure to photograph each room to its advantage — photograph at eye-level, attempting to get as much of each room as possible in frame, and don’t shoot into direct sunlight. Photograph every room, even the bathroom. (Just clean it, first — see step #5.)

If you’re in need of even more apartment marketing ideas (even on a tight budget), just take a few minutes to conduct a Google search for the best apartment marketing strategies and your struggle will be a thing of the past.

5. Be Available for Showings

Getting ready for your own move can be time consuming, but you need to set aside time to tend to your sublet. Be willing to work around the schedules of interested subletters to give them a complete tour of the place, including any amenities your apartment comes with, such as indoor parking, a pool, gym, or courtyard.

While you’re showing, play your role as agent: Talk up the perks of the place and don’t assume they know anything about your apartment. While you’re at it, assess your potential subletter: Is this someone you trust to live in your apartment while you’re gone?

6. Make it Like New

Especially if you’ve been living there for awhile, your apartment could likely use a little freshening up to sweeten the deal for your subletter. Clean it up like your security deposit depends on it: Get out those carpet stains, deep-clean the bathroom tile, and cut the clutter to let the perks of your apartment really shine. Think of it this way: You’re setting the tone for how well you expect them to keep the apartment clean — which your security deposit does depend on.

During the showing, your potential subletter is going to want to see every corner and closet, so be sure to clean everywhere.

For more help in learning to sublet your place, visit our Ultimate Guide to Subletting.