5 Tips to Design The Perfect Apartment for Students

When you move out of your parent’s house for the first time, ideally you move into homely a place that caters to your needs and wants. Although your first apartment will likely not be a mansion, with some clever planning and use of space, you could turn your digs into a functional wonderland that caters to both your study life and social life. 

Here are some tips on how to design a perfect apartment for students. 

Work with the walls

The walls of your apartment are not just there to give it a structure. Playing around with the color could have a huge effect on how effectively you will study. In fact, science has revealed that every color has a precise wavelength, and each of these affect our body and brain in a different way. Using the right colors, therefore, can maximize our learning potential.

If you use bright colors, the brain becomes overstimulated because it has to process the colors the whole time. Sticking to light hues or blue, green and just plain white are the best colors to maximize concentration. You will also experience that your mood improves because everything emanates calmness.

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Light up the night

Most student apartments aren’t mansions, and usually feel relatively cramped. This is why you should play with the light. You don’t want to make it too bright, but you definitely want to minimize all the shady areas. 

Your mind is a powerful tool, but it can also be manipulated. When you use light effectively, you trick your mind into thinking that space is much larger than it really is. 

Lighting up your living room area or where you study is paramount as you won’t feel so tired. Your bedroom needs to be nice and dark, though. This will enable you to have a great night’s rest before your next big exam. 

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Create storage

If there is one thing that you will never have enough of it is packing space. Use your walls and install some floating shelves to get rid of the clutter on your tables and everywhere else. 

The wonderful thing about floating shelves is that they take up minimal space while adding extra storage!

Apart from creating that extra space you desperately need, these shelves also look stylish and will give your apartment an air of sophistication. Some other tips for designing a perfect apartment for students is to use bookcases and other cabinets as room dividers. Your new, mobile wall is functional and while it divides rooms, it also clears the floor.

Wardrobe hacks

Adding more space in your wardrobe is essential if you want to keep clutter to a minimum. To design the perfect apartment for students requires some ingenuity and thinking outside the box. This means that you need to consider all the spaces and maximize the use of that space without making it look cluttered and full. 

Adding some extra hanging space in your wardrobe is easy to accomplish. But if your wardrobe is already full, why not make a new hanging rail outside in one of the corners of your room that is not used. Placing shoe stands at the bottom of your wardrobe is another space saver and will leave your bedroom floor looking like a showroom. 

Graffiti wall

Writing on your walls can finally be something that you won’t get into trouble! Wherever your study nook might be, make an effort and get yourself a can of blackboard paint and give yourself a graffiti wall that you can organize your life on. 

A student’s life is busy and often chaotic. Bringing some order with a blackboard wall will enable you to use and plan your time effectively, not to mention keep an eye on those deadlines. 

The uses for these walls are nearly infinite. If you just want to use it to doodle or take your mind off of your studies, you might end up finding that there is an artist hiding inside you. Whatever your use for the wall might be, it is bound to make your life easier, if not more interesting.

Much like implementing colors in business branding, using great colors at home can provide a huge lift in your mood. Get started today!