15+ Ideas to Upgrade & Decorate Your Apartment

Are you just about to enter an ugly rental in need of some Feng Shui?

Do you feel the need of getting a home transformation done right away? If ‘home sweet home’ is what you want, then that ugly rental in which you just leased can send jitters down your spine. But, there is always a solution to every problem. 

One can always consider upgrading their living space to make it feel more like home. Rental spaces are not your asset, and thus, it can be a challenging task to make it appear like your own. Customizing spaces, creating personalized areas where you can simply sit down and cherish your ‘me-time’ may require you to get some alterations done quickly. 

Getting Started with Quick Tips 

Get rid of the clutter

If you are out to beautify your rental, the very first task that you should start with is to get rid of the clutter. Your leased property can appear to be smaller if it is messy and may pull out all the relaxing vibes if you do not pay heed to remove the trash. A clean home is all that one wishes for and can give you zen feel when you return home tired and drained. So before you start with decorating your rental, make sure that you clean it at first.

Show some love to your walls

Walls form an integral part of your house; in fact, walls are what make up a house. So why not deck up in such a way that it stands as welcoming and luring? You can try investing in some good quality and attractive wallpapers to redefine your walls into new ones. There are just an ample number of options available for wallpapers, and you may use it as you want to divvy up your walls. They serve to be a wall décor treasure that can go for all your rooms, may it be your hall, kitchen or even your bathrooms, wallpapers are abounding and can add visual interest to your surfaces.

Paint it right

The right paints can spruce up your walls and enhance your spaces. Color palettes can create a dramatic effect in your rented apartment and add a statement to your walls. If your landlord permits, adding textures to the surfaces can further take the aesthetics of your home a step higher.

Enhance your light fixtures

Lights also play an essential role in aggrandizing your apartment, so why not try something new for your existing light statement? Cringing all the time as soon as you spot the lights of your room unappealing is not going to help. Try painting them in colors to add freshness to the already existing ones. Colorful shades can make the most out of the old ones; even a few swapping therapies can also help in featuring your rental at its best.

Bringing in art

If you wish of making your walls look livelier, then bringing in some art pieces can surely help. Wallpapers are surely a loveable affair, but if you want to try out something else, art pieces can be your wall’s best friends. Statement gallery walls with a few frames here and there with some down the memory lane personalized photos can play the real hack for beautifying your wall panels.

Conceal the ugly floor

Shifting to a rental may get you in a place that may be ugly enough to give you a headache. But it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the ugliness for long. You can use your own tact’s and hacks to conceal and disguise those dingy floors. Floors might be the biggest hurdle while moving into a new rental apartment and be similar to an eyesore. So using floor papers, rugs and carpets can be a way out to build focus on the floors. You can also consider using vinyl floor planks and vinyl decals to further cover the unsightly decks.

Bamboo blinds to smoothen the sunlight

Bamboo blinds do not only play as an alternative to window curtains, but they also soften the bright sun rays without blocking off the sunlight They give your rooms a traditional look and also lets out the warmth to stay inside without making your rooms a sun-filled porch.

Electric Fireplace TV Stand

With winters soon to come, getting an electric fireplace TV stand can be your best bet. It will let you enjoy all your favorite shows sitting by the fire on a cold chilly day. It creates a contemporary statement in your living rooms and is crafted in such a way that you can add rustic details to your rooms that has a farmhouse corner. 

Outside inside therapy

Bringing in the outside inside is the latest trend that everyone should try at their home. Adding plants to your rooms can bring in some more peppy and create a happy and lively indoors. Also, they let you adhere to the go green code making your rental ambiance more impactful.

The Drapes effect

Drapes play the magic of beautifying places. Whether it’s your doors or your windows, curtains have the might of making a difference. Curtains can transform the rooms instantly and make your rooms appear a lot cozier, comfy and above all, inviting.

Open shelving

Gone are those days when storage meant cabinets, the modern trends are all open for open shelving. So if you feel that your rental apartment kitchen is not up to the mark, then you can always consider taking off the doors of the cabinets as a hack to custom your kitchen according to the modern trends. Open shelving with attractive wallpapers at the back may simply escalate the looks of your kitchen and breathe in some new energy to your cooking heaven.

Hide the ugliness of your fridge

If you have a refrigerator that is outdated and you are not planning to get a new one soon, then wallpapers can be your friends again. You can add your own favorite colors and patterns to add some glam to your fridges to overcome the feeling of dullness and ugliness that they used to bestow before getting wrapped up in those beautiful and patterned wallpapers.

Storage issues

Lack of storage space is a challenging issue that almost every rental has to bestow. So dealing with them is an art that every tenant should master. Maximizing your living space and concealing the storage space so that it does not makes your home stuffed and messy should be the goal to maximize your living space.

Bring out those cushions and pillows

Throw pillows and cushions are the ultimate accessories for adorning your living rooms. They can make your space look cute and make it appear more cozy and personalized. You can also try getting the cushions covered in the holiday décor theme to bring in the seasonal vibes to your home.

Right beddings

Beddings play an essential role in beautifying your bedrooms. Getting pillows and bedsheets matching your wall décor can add more luxury and comfort to your bedrooms. These are considered to be every bedroom staples and have all the powers of creating the feeling that you aim at developing in your bedrooms with a pinch of personalization. 

Pro Tip: To save space, you can get yourself a twin mattress which is comfortable for adults and kids both. 

Use double-duty furniture

This is another hack that can let you have some more clean spaces. Using furniture that can serve you double duty can be like guardian angels to save you space as much as possible. For instance, you can consider using Ottoman storages or trunks as your coffee tables. These will store things for you and will also let you place your beautiful coffee mugs on the table when you sip coffee with your friends or housemates. You need to be really clever at finding out more such ways to make your belongings serve dual functionality.

Room dividers

Room dividers can help in creating different zones in your house. A room divider has all the might to divide your room without knocking down or building up the walls. If you have a hall that has some extra space at the corner, you can consider using a room divider and convert the corner space into a small dining room.


Space crunch is a common problem that most rentals face and concealing, and illusion is the only hack to make your house seem big. Installing mirrors in your home can be a way out to play this trick. Cramped spaces can appear to be larger with mirrors. You need to position your mirrors in such a way that it can reflect the maximum amount of light and see how it adds more length and breadth to your rooms. Mirrors are an affordable option to enlarge your home.

Bottom Line

Living in rental spaces is a common trend, but it is totally up to you whether you want to live it in your own style or you want to sit complaining like a complain box. These ideas can help you add a personalized touch to your rental spaces and make your home feel like it solely belongs to you. There are plenty of ways in which you can transform your rental possession without making your landlord angry. So try these out for building a space that you will cherish.