The 10 Safest Cities in the U.S.

There are many considerations to weigh when choosing a new city to call home, from the quality of neighborhood schools to area crime statistics, access to public transportation, and more. But the world is a scary place today, so for many, safety becomes a top concern. Beyond choosing a safer city, you should also research the local neighborhoods to find out which areas are considered safer and have lower crime rates compared to others. Those who are relocating for jobs in bigger cities may be seeking a safer suburb to call home while planning to commute.

Whether you’re single and embarking on a new adventure or moving your family to start over somewhere new, safety is paramount. If you’re not yet sure where you’re moving to but safety is your top priority, these 10 cities are some of the safest in the U.S.

1. Greenwich, CT

Named the safest city in the U.S. by, Greenwich, CT is in close proximity to New York City, so it’s a great option for those who work in the city but prefer a safer community to call home. It’s also the wealthiest city in the state of Connecticut.

2. Naperville, IL

If the city of Chicago appeals to you but you’re concerned about crime and other safety concerns, Naperville, Illinois might be just the city for you. It’s a suburb of Chicago and boasts more than 130 parks and two public golf courses. Plus, it’s home to the historic Riverwalk, offers ample access to healthcare options, and boasts a low crime rate.

3. Lewisboro, NY has deemed Lewisboro, New York the safest city in the U.S. for two years in a row. With a population of just 13,000, Lewisboro offers a small-town feel. In 2016, the city reported just two crimes, and neither were violent crimes, burglaries, or assaults.

4. Oak Ridge, TN

Situated just 25 miles outside of Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, offers easy access to the bigger city lifestyle with the comfort of a home nestled in a safe town. Oak Ridge supports the Not In Our City campaign, which encourages collaborative neighborhood watch groups, plus the city allows the public to review police initiatives and safety news.

5. Weston, FL

Weston, Florida benefits from healthy job growth and high average earnings. It offers a family-friendly environment with beautiful scenery. Adjacent to the Everglades, Weston is one of the safest cities in the Florida, according to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, and it’s also among the safest cities in the U.S. overall.

6. Wayland, MA

With a population of nearly 14,000, Wayland, Massachusetts has low rates of both violent and property crimes. It’s also home to the WaylandCares program, which aims to reduce youth substance use and abuse and promote health and well-being among the younger generations in the city.

7. Shoreview, MN

With low property and violent crime rates, Shoreview, Minnesota makes a great effort to involve the public in the community. Programs like the Citizens’ Leadership Academy (CLA) empower the public to learn how the city operates, get involved, and gain awareness about how programs such as trash cleanup and 911 services operate. No doubt that this sense of leadership among the Shoreview community contributes to the area’s favorable safety profile.

8. Flower Mound, TX

A short drive from Dallas and Fort Worth, Flower Mound, Texas offers residents easy access to bigger city amenities with the safety of smaller-town living. Flower Mound is named for a large mound situated in the center of the town, and it’s consistently noted as one of the best cities to live in in Texas. The overall crime rate is 73% lower than the Texas average and 69% lower than the national average, making this city truly among the safest in America.

9. Irvine, CA

Want to enjoy some West Coast living without worrying about your family’s safety? Irvine, California is one of the safest cities in the United States, with great public schools and low crime rates. With a population of more than 266,000, Irvine is one of the safest bigger cities in the nation. In fact, it was named the safest city in the U.S. among cities with a population of 100,000 or more by Business Insider for many years in a row, and the F.B.I. named Irvine the safest big city in the U.S. among cities with a population of 250,000 or more in 2016.

10. West Bloomfield Township, MI

Situated north of Detroit, West Bloomfield Township, Michigan offers a safer alternative for those who work in or near the city but are looking for a safer place to call home. Known for its large parks and nature areas, there are plenty of ways to keep busy in this city. The National Council for Home Safety and Security ranks West Bloomfield Township the 9th safest city in the nation.

Whatever your reason for relocating, safety should always be on your radar when it comes to choosing the right city and the right neighborhood to call home. Options such as outdoor security camera systems can further secure your family and property and even deter property crimes, but choosing a city with a favorable safety profile and access to quality public schools that’s within commuting distance to work provides peace of mind for singles and families alike in the modern world.