SUNY Fredonia:
A Local Perspective

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Fredonia is about 50 miles from Buffalo, 115 from Rochester, and 40 from the Pennsylvania state line. As for Lake Erie? It’s just a mile away from campus. To get to it you have to cross I-90, which is the major road in the area that can take you to nearby areas like Silver Creek, Derby, Dunkirk, Westfield, and others. It’s up to you whether you want live in these places and make the longer commute to campus, but if you have a car then the highway makes it a reasonable drive. There isn’t a lot of great public transportation outside of the immediate area, though, so a vehicle is needed for longer commutes. The SUNY schools are a terrific state system--one of the very best in the country, in my opinion. It seems like every school has a specialty, and students who go there for that field are rewarded with a job after graduation. Fredonia’s specialty has been education for a long time; it started as a teachers’ college and maintained this reputation even after it expanded to include other degrees. More specifically, music education is what the school is known for in particular. The other majors all have a lot to offer too, but none as much as a teaching degree at Fredonia.


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