Apartments: The Ideal Lifestyle Choice for Seniors Who Want to Downsize

Older adults thinking about downsizing might consider purchasing a smaller home, but those who don’t want to deal with home maintenance often find their ideal living arrangements in apartments. From eliminating the need to mow the lawn or maintain the landscaping, the comfort of knowing that when the air conditioning breaks down it’s not your responsibility to foot the bill for repairs, and other benefits, here’s why an apartment can make a great choice for older adults.

Reducing Home Maintenance Obligations

As people grow older, they may find it more difficult to keep up with the responsibilities of home maintenance. Mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, taking care of the landscaping, and making repairs becomes mundane for some, and for others, the physical and financial demands become too much to deal with later in life. Renting an apartment means that there’s no lawn to mow, and repairs are typically the responsibility of the property owner — so seniors can simply focus on enjoying life without worrying about the hassles of homeownership.

Taking Advantage of Affordability

While it’s true that rental costs in some areas are quite high, apartments are still more affordable than owning a home in many cases when you consider all the other costs and headaches of homeownership that add up — homeowner’s insurance, homeowner’s association fees in some cases, and the cost of upkeep, like getting a riding lawn mower, and repairs all add to the cost of owning a home, even for those who no longer have a mortgage on their homes.

Maintaining Independence

Many seniors want to remain independent for as long as possible. While moving into a memory care community or other senior living community may be necessary at some point, seniors who are able to live independently often find the perfect balance in apartment living. Seniors who don’t have the physical endurance to handle regular maintenance tasks such as mowing the lawn can eliminate these responsibilities by moving into an apartment that’s easier to manage, while still maintaining the independence of managing their own household.

Taking the Opportunity to Downsize

Downsizing can be a daunting task, but many seniors find it freeing once complete. Most people accumulate a large volume of mementos and sentimental pieces throughout life, not to mention the typical accumulation of “stuff” that happens in most homes over the course of several decades. In deciding to sell their family home and move into a smaller apartment space, seniors can take advantage of the opportunity to sort through all those belongings, ensure that certain items are passed on to the family members or loved ones they want to receive them, and get rid of years of clutter.

Experiencing a New City

Many older adults decide to move to a new area to be closer to their children or grandchildren. Living in close proximity makes it easier for adult children to help their aging parents as their needs change, plus it provides plenty of opportunities to spend quality time with grandchildren. Others simply want to relocate to a place where they’ve always dreamed of living. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to purchase a single-family home at this stage of life, but renting an apartment provides the perfect way to experience life in a new city or be closer to loved ones without going through the hassle of purchasing a home and obtaining a mortgage.

The perks of apartment living are well-suited to people of all ages, but many benefits of the apartment lifestyle are particularly well-suited to the needs of older adults. For seniors ready for a new adventure, desire to be closer to their families, or simply want to downsize, apartment living is an ideal choice.