10 Ways to Add Color to Your Outdoor Space

There is more to interior design than buying the right furniture and arranging the pieces in a certain manner. When decorating a space, color is a factor that you must not forget to consider. This facet of interior design doesn’t only affect the overall look of your space, but it also has an effect on your mood and productivity. 

According to research, different colors elicit very different reactions. For the most part, warmer colors evoke feelings of warmth and excitement. Consequently, cooler tones are more relaxing and soothing to the eyes. 

Without a doubt, color is something you should be mindful of when designing any room in your home. This rings true even for your outdoor space. 

Injecting some life and hue to your backyard or small patio space doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Especially not with these tips and tricks below:

Consider Colorful Furniture

empty gazebo at the garden

If you are renting your place, you probably are very aware of how difficult it could be to decorate without risking your deposit. For the most part, landlords do not allow renters to make any drastic changes in the property even in the backyard. Thankfully, you can still add color to your outdoor space without spending thousands of dollars. 

Choosing colorful furniture from LuxeDecor can add vibrancy in your garden without much of an effort. There are several brands that carry pieces that come in more than just the basic colors. There are benches, tables, chairs, stools, and outdoor umbrellas that you can choose from. 

Nevertheless, if you are on a budget, you can always opt to DIY a painting project. For newbies, it is best to stick to painting over wooden furniture. Word to the wise: don’t forget to sand down the varnish in order for the paint to stick!

Why Not Arts and Crafts?

Especially if you are not very good at crafts, it is understandable to have reservations on painting over furniture. These pieces are investments and if you are not confident with your skills, there is a good chance that you would waste a perfectly good bench. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up on making your outdoor space livelier!

If you are nervous about DIY arts and crafts, it is best to start small. You can add color to your backyard by incorporating painted pots in your garden. It is an inexpensive way to experiment on color and it is an excellent activity that the whole family can enjoy. You don’t even have to put flowers in them; at least not just yet. Just the colorful pots can suffice.

Don’t Forget the Lighting Fixtures

turned-off halogen light bulb

More often than not, people forget color as much as they forget the importance of lighting. In your outdoor space, being mindful of the light that you purchase is even more important. If you like having people over, not having enough light sources would limit your choices of parties to throw. No light equals no dinner parties, and who wants that?

The lighting fixtures that you choose for your backyard can also be the source of color for the space. You don’t have to limit yourself with plain ‘ole fluorescent white or yellow. Changing the color of the light is an affordable and non-invasive way to incorporate vibrancy and liveliness. All you have to do is change the bulbs and you are good to go!  

Paint to the Wall

Once you are more adept at painting surfaces, painting an accent wall for your yard is also an excellent way to incorporate color in the area. Again, you don’t have to take on a big project. You can start small and paint over a part of your garden wall. 

If you are a little bit more creative and artsy, choosing to paint a mural would make the space look even more exciting. This tip is particularly helpful for people who have limited square footage. You get all the color and design elements without taking up any precious floor real estate. 

Let Nature Do the Work

brown wooden armchair

Since you are trying to decorate an outdoor area, why not take advantage of what nature has to offer? Flowers are basically nature’s paint! It is a good idea to literally paint your garden with plants and flowers!

Gardening is a fantastic hobby that can easily spruce up your backyard. If you want a little bit more utility, you can try building a vegetable garden in your backyard. The greenery can help make your space look beautiful and more inviting. IT doesn’t hurt that you get fresh produce along the way. 

Nevertheless, we understand that not everyone has a green thumb. You could always choose to decorate with fake foliage if gardening proves to be a stressor. No hate, no shame – just a colorful backyard! 

Tile it Up

brown wooden table with chairs

Another ingenious way to spruce up your outdoor space with color is through the flooring. If you have the means to retile your backyard, choosing colorful tiles can easily change the look of any area. You can opt for striking stiles or vibrant colors. You can also customize the way that the tiles are laid out. There are plenty of options for customization when it comes to retiling. 

Your outdoor space should be a source of happiness for you and your family. Making the space colorful and inviting is an easy way to create an area that you love. We are certain that the tips above would allow you to have the colorful backyard of your dreams. Good luck and thank us later!