7 Essential Elements of a Modern Minimalist Apartment

The modern minimalist style of interior design has been gaining a great deal of popularity in recent years. When life is so messy and chaotic, it feels quite nice to return to a simple, uncluttered apartment. Everything about this design trend screams peace, harmony, and a breath of fresh air. The simplicity of this style is quite deceiving. It’s probably one of the most difficult to achieve. So where can you begin if you want to have a modern minimalist apartment? Check out this post or scroll down for a few places to start.

Minimalist Kitchen

Clean Lines and Surfaces

When you think of minimalism, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably straight lines and clean surfaces. These are hallmarks of the modern minimalist style. Of course, achieving this look goes far beyond selecting some furniture that matches up with the aesthetic. It also involves organizing your home in a way that eliminates any clutter or fuss. Some may look at minimalist spaces – with their clean lines and lack of objects – and find them completely unrealistic to achieve. It is actually easier than you may think. Simply select furniture pieces that also provide extra storage space and devote a special, designated place to every item in your home. For example, whenever you use your TV remote, you always place it in the small basket under your coffee table. If you need to use your kitchen mixer, always place it in the same cabinet. Hide your items well and keep your working surfaces clean when you’re not using them. Honestly, one of the best parts about the minimalist style is that it helps your apartment remain neat and tidy at all times.

Minimalist Scandinavian Bedroom

Only the Essentials

The minimalist look is popular for smaller spaces for good reason. The minimalist style requires that every item in the room and home have a distinct place and purpose. Unlike many other styles – which encourage many unique pieces of furniture and other items – the minimalist style likes to keep only the essentials. Trying to “minimize” your bedroom? You really only need a bed, a side table, and maybe a dresser if your closet doesn’t provide enough space. Taking a look at your living room for one? You only really need a sofa, a coffee table, and an entertainment center. Put up one or two clean pieces of art on the wall for some pizzaz. No need for any extra pieces to clutter the room, take up space, or scream for attention. Parring down furniture items and decor is a key factor in achieving the minimalist look. You want wide open spaces and room to breathe.

Large Windows Minimalist Apartment

Light and Bright

The minimalist space is known for being extremely calming and serene. Aside from the cleanliness and simplicity of the style, minimalism also elevates a person’s mood by making full use out of natural light. Minimalism is a great style choice for any apartment with large windows or an abundant amount of natural light. The light adds an organic touch to the modern aesthetic and softens the harsh lines of the room. Love the minimalist style, but are stuck with tiny windows? No problem! It is not a style essential. Just pay attention to how you light the space. Great lighting can really make any room shine, no matter what style you’re working with!

Monochromatic Color Palette

A general rule of the modern minimalist aesthetic is simplicity. This rule even applies to the color palette. Traditional minimalist rooms are typically designed with a monochromatic color palette. Whites, blacks, and grays are your best friend. Maybe you can even add some light brown wood for a more organic feel. Of course, color of any kind isn’t entirely out of the question. If you do want to add some color to the space, choose how to use it carefully. A blue accent wall or something as little as a red can really add an element of interest to the room, without detracting from the refreshing simplicity that minimalist decor has to offer.

Japanese AestheticJapanese Elements

The modern minimalist style as its roots in the traditional Japanese aesthetic, which values the simplicity of straight lines and controlled asymmetry. The driving force behind Japanese art and decor is balance, harmony, naturalness, and – above all – clarity. Not much different from minimalism, right? Since these two styles are clearly meant for each other, incorporating some Japanese elements to your home can really add an extra spark to the minimalist aesthetic. Try putting some simple paper screens in the corner of your bedroom, or a simple vase housing a beautiful orchid on your side table (pro tip: a little bonsai tree looks lovely on a nightstand). Incorporate these elements to add a little extra spice to your minimalist decor!

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