Renters Have Been Left Behind

With the tap of a button you can now order a cab, have dinner delivered to your front door, buy any product on the planet, or even sell your house.

But the agonizing process of finding a new home for renters hasn't improved in decades.

Rentable changes that. Because renters deserve better.
Rentable started when three lifelong friends experienced the pain of apartment hunting.

Childhood friends and co-founders, Alec Slocum (CEO), Adam Olien (CTO) and Chad Aldous (Head of Design) founded Rentable in 2012 for a simple reason: apartment hunting was just plain painful.

As recent college grads — with 10+ apartment hunts between them — they had far too much personal experience with the typical, stressful apartment search.

The never-ending list of scammy Craigslist ads. The apartment listing sites that looked and functioned like they were built in the ‘90s. And the all-too-common resignation to wandering through neighborhoods looking for 'For Rent' signs.

They saw a need to make renting as easy as everything else we do online.

It was obvious to Chad, Adam and Alec that while the world we live in had grown and benefited from innovative new technologies, the rental industry had not...yet.

So, they set out to change that, starting in their hometown of Madison, WI.

Working nights and weekends, the guys built and launched the first version of Rentable in a matter of months.

Upon launch, Rentable listed ten times the number of apartments that were available on old-school apartment search websites on a user interface that finally prioritized empowering renters to find their best home above all else.

Rentable grew quickly from one city to hundreds.

In the months following Rentable's launch, more than half of the renters in Madison used the service. The guys knew they'd found a way to help renters using technology.

So, they expanded.

With support from some of the largest investors in the Midwest, Rentable quickly grew from operating in just Madison, WI to serving renters in thousands of cities across America.

Rentable now helps millions of renters monthly with a growing team of 50+.

Today we’re proud to help tens of millions of renters every year.

But we’re still in the very early days of how technology can be used to empower renters.

With our growing scale and resources, we intend to do everything we can to give renters the tools and resources they’ve always deserved.

So, keep checking back in.

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getting started.
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