Ugly Apartment? Here Are Some Quick Upgrades

Oftentimes, choosing an ugly rental apartment and then sprucing it up can come out to be much more affordable than renting an already-modern and luxurious one. 

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you make your apartment look unique, homey and luxurious, without the price tag.

Tip #1: It All Began with a Doormat 

A welcome mat will give you and your visitors the feeling that they’re about to enter into somewhere inviting and chic. Choose one that’s fun, friendly or trendy; have it match the style of your apartment.

Tip #2: Print Some Paintings

Grab your phone or laptop, and google whatever you please. It can be pictures of flowers, abstract modern art, or a painting of a bowl of fruit. If you see a picture you love, save it, and upload it on Snapfish. You can turn it into a stunning painting to adorn your walls! Wall art makes a huge difference in upgrading the look of your home, and it’s so cheap and so easy. 

Tip #3: Let there be Light 

Sometimes, all it takes is new light fixtures and bulbs, and you’ll see your apartment in a whole new light. Put on some old men’s scrubs or a smock and paint your light fixtures (do ask your landlord first) in modern colors, or create a custom light fixture by using your imagination or exploring what’s been done. Create a DIY drum shade, or do something a bit more daring. All it takes is time, some creativity and lots of determination!

Tip #4: Spruce Up the Shades

Drab window shades and curtains can make an apartment look decades older. If your apartment has ugly window shades, get rid of them! Apartments look nicer with no window shades than with ugly ones. But if you can afford window shades, by all means, get them. There are nice, normal window shades priced at $10. Simple, light-toned white or grey window shades will make your living space look modern and airy.

Tip #5: Replace those Knobs

Recently, I decided it’s time to upgrade my kitchen. The only problem was, my financial situation wouldn’t allow for it. So what did I do? I went to Lowe’s and chose cabinet knobs. They made such a difference! I actually didn’t think it would really change the look so much, but once I put in those new knobs, my kitchen looked so much nicer! 

New cabinet knobs are the easiest way to upgrade your kitchen. They do cost a bit, but if you’re planning on staying in this rental for a while, believe me, it’s well worth every cent!

Tip #6: And Door Knobs, Too!

Like cabinet knobs, door knobs upgrade the look of the apartment. They don’t even have to be anything super fancy; you can even get a simple doorknob. If your apartment came with ugly dirt-brown knobs or anything similarly old-fashioned, chuck them for new ones and give your apartment the opportunity to look young again. As with the cabinet knobs, you may want to save the old knobs so that you can put them back when you leave, and take your nicer ones with you.

Tip #7: Clean is Contemporary

A clean apartment appears much newer than a dingy and dirty apartment of the same age. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your living space looks clean. Vacuum the rugs, dust the vents, wipe any spots on the walls or cabinets. These little details make an undeniable difference. 

If you find yourself strapped for time you might consider getting a robot vacuum. Robot vacuums are a great way to keep your floors clean without much effort. Many modern robot vacuums are able to set a schedule, vacuum your apartment, and return to the dock to re-charge itself for the next cleaning. The only thing you need to do is periodically empty the dust bin and clean out the filter.

Tip #8: Create a Cool Fridge

A fridge or freezer can be the highlight of your kitchen when redecorated right. Once your landlord grants you permission, use duct tape, paint, or stainless steel contact paper to create something seriously striking. 

Tip #9: Fill it with Florals

Add some vibrancy to your apartment by putting vases with flowers in places. This will give your apartment a fresh feel you’ll be sure to love.

Tip #10: Paint Makes Pretty

Colors create vibes. If your landlord allows, turn your apartment into a pleasant place to be by repainting the walls. This isn’t the easiest trick, but it’s the one that makes the biggest difference. It’s what can turn any apartment (yes, even yours!) from “blah” to beautiful.

You’re probably not planning on living in this apartment for too long, but you can make it look the best it can for as long as you’re living in it. Try any or all of these quick fix tricks today, and turn the place you live into the place you love.